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Kemppi MinarcMig™ Adaptive 180
For its outstanding design, the MinarcMig™ Adaptive 180 received one of the most sought-after design awards world-wide: the red dot. The quality label is awarded annually for superior design quality and innovative design in the “red dot design award” international competition.

Revolutionary in ease of use
Kemppi’s brand promises ‘Joy of Welding’ to our users. Designers at Kemppi shared the view, that to make welding significantly easier, the user’s problem of how to find the correct welding parameters had to be solved. Research opened new ground in understanding welding, and enabled Kemppi to design a new way of controlling the welding process. From the user’s perspective, ‘adaptive control’ on the new MinarcMig is simple to explain. The user simply selects the material - iron, stainless steel or aluminium and the thickness of the sheets to be joined. No other knowledge is required. The elegance of the solution is evident: to find the correct power for welding, the user has a single control that relates directly to a real-world measurement. There is no more need for trial-and-error.

Designed to the last detail
MinarcMig™ Adaptive 180 is a product aimed at everyone interested in welding. The new LCD-display user interface explains the operation of the machine to the user in simple terms. Numeric adjustments are shown also as visual cues, that help the user to understand how adjustments affect the end result (sheet thickness, welding seam form and wire running speed). The display also suggests optimal shield gas and wire thickness for selected case.

MinarcMig’s design shares the strengths of all the products in the Kemppi Minarc-range: ease-of-use, small and robust form, high power-to-weight output and professional level welding quality.

The red dot design award
With more than 5,000 entries in its categories red dot award: product design, red dot award: communication design, and red dot award: design concept the red dot design award is one of the leading and largest design competitions worldwide. Since 1955, the Essen Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen has annually selected outstanding design quality and paid official tribute to the award-winning products in an exhibition.

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