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DSME shipyard in Korea

One of the largest shipyards in the world, Korean DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. Ltd) chose Kemppi Pro Evolution. “The easy selection of welding parameters on the wire feeder control panel, the small and lightweight power sources, easy to mount on a single transport cart and, of course, Kemppi’s equipment support and advice were the decisive factors,” explains project engineer Christian Werner. Another important factor for the shipyard was the fact that four wire feeders could be operated with a single power source.

Located on Geoje Island in Korea, the DSME shipyard specialises in the construction of freight and tanker vessels, but also has a major presence in the passenger liner industry. The size of the shipyard is indicated by the sheer number of employees: some 1,500 specialists work in engineering and R&D, while over 10,000 professionals are involved in the actual construction of vessels. The shipyard completes approximately 200 vessels each year.

Kemppi Pro Evolution – application framework

Germany’s IMG (Ingenieurtechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH) designs and manufactures production systems for the shipbuilding industry. IMG delivered the first automatic girder welding machine to the DSME shipyard in 1995. Ten years later, a second automat was developed, as a new and different technical platform required a lesser degree of welding mechanisation. In terms of welding technology the automats are much the same, with both using Kemppi technology.

Kemppi Oy Service Technician Jani Vestola has served as technical support in Korea at the DSME shipyard since installation and start-up of the welding automat. He describes the purpose of the automat by explaining how girders are welded in a ship hull as follows: ”An approximately 20 metre long and over 10 metre wide sheet is lying on the work surface. 15–20 upright beams or girders are pre-tacked to this,” he explains. The system is designed precisely for use in tacking. The actual welding of beams is done by means of plasma-powder arc. The welding automat has 43 burners, 21 of which are in front and 22 behind. The automat has eleven Kemppi Pro Evolution 3200 power sources, and in each tacking phase welding is done with eleven burners simultaneously.

Four Promig 501 wire feeders, which are operated according to the programmed phasing, are connected to one Kemppi Pro power source. In the first phase burners 1–5 in the front row and 1–6 in the back row are in use. In the second phase burners 6–11 in the front row and 7–11 in the back row are used. In the third phase burners 12–16 in the front row and 12–17 in the back row are in use. In the fourth phase burners 17–21 in the front row and 18–22 in the back row are used.

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