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Minarc 220

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The little giant of MMA welding that astounded the welding world. The Minarcs are known of their stable arc and easy controllability.

In Brief

This compact-sized device is easy to carry to the worksite.
Suitable for basic, rutile and cellulosic electrodes.
The anti-freeze function reduces the sticking of the electrode and speeds up welding work in 220 model.
TouchArc™ ignites the TIG arc with a gentle touch in 220 model.


Metal workshops
Construction industry
Repair and maintenance

Plenty of power in small package

The Minarc products are small and light-weight MMA welding inverters, with an exceptionally high load capacity for their small size.

Enjoy the easyness of arc control

The superior arc performance of the Minarc products have made them well-known among the welding people. The arc stability and controllability are based on a large voltage reserve and the automatic arc dynamics control.

Also, the good tolerance of input voltage fluctuations gives further reliability to Minarc’s good arc performance, even in demanding field conditions and when using extra-long cables up to 50 m.

For TIG welding the Minarc 220 model is equipped with the scratch-TIG function using the TTC 220 GV torch or the TouchArc™ feature that lets you light the TIG arc easily with just a gentle touch on the work piece.

Product codes:
Product Product code
MINARC 2206102220
MINARC 220 DK6102220DK
MINARC 220 VRD6102220VRD