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Beta welding helmet

  Detailed information

Kemppi Beta 90X welding helmet combines ADC technology and the new headband mechanisms to stop the disturbing light rays coming from the side.

In Brief

Perfect protection against welding radiation and spatters.
Good visibility to the work area improves efficiency and comfort.
Beta 90A and 90X are equipped with an automatically darkening protective glass.
Easily adjustable and well fittingheadbands.
Lightweight and balanced structure,
which also protects the chin, ears, and neck.
Interchangeable filter glasses.

Kemppi Beta gives the welder perfect protection without compromising visibility or user-friendliness. Kemppi Beta welding helmets are equipped with a pivoting filter glass on top of a clear safety glass, which also fills the requirements set for grinding.

Kemppi Beta automatic helmets 90A and 90X

The filter shade level (EN 3/11) and sensitivity on the Beta 90A helmet are fixed. The Beta 90X model you can adjust both filter shade level and sensitivity of the filter lens. Therefore, Beta 90X is well suitable for all welding processes (filter shade range 4/9-13).

You can also adjust the filter delay in the Beta 90X model, meaning how rapidly it becomes clear after arc cut-out. The adjustment range is 0.2–0.8 seconds.

Due to effective angular dependence compensation, the Beta 90X deters light hitting the glass in an angle. Therefore, this model is ideal for demanding welding jobs.
Product codes:
Product Product code
WELD. HELMET BETA 60X1109873040
WELDING GLASS DIN 8 60X1109873161
WELDING GLASS DIN 9 60X1109873171
WELDING GLASS DIN 10 60X1109873181
WELDING GLASS DIN 11 60X1109873191
WELDING GLASS DIN 12 60X1109873202
WELDING GLASS DIN 13 60X1109873211
WELDING GLASS DIN 14 60X1109873212
WELD.HELMET BETA 90 90X1109873045
WELDING GLASS DIN 8 90X1109873241
WELDING GLASS DIN 9 90X1109873242
WELDING GLASS DIN 10 90X1109873243
WELDING GLASS DIN 11 90X1109873244
WELDING GLASS DIN 12 90X1109873245
WELDING GLASS DIN 13 90X1109873246
WELDING GLASS DIN 14 90X1109873247
WELD.HELMET BETA 90A 90 X 110 LCD9873046
WELD.HELMET BETA 90X 90 X1109873047