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In today's world, the demands of construction have grown to a new level with bigger projects, tighter schedules, and stricter quality standards. The foundation of all quality welding lies in Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS). 您如何看待当今的 WPS 合规性,特别是手动焊接工作方面?WeldEye 提供了方便且精确的方法,以确保有资质的焊工可以按照 WPS 完成所有焊接工作。 Automated digital data collection from the shop floor enables real-time quality control, making each weld traceable down to every meaningful detail. 此外,WeldEye 还提供经过验证的质量文件。 Not only will you be able to convince your customers about the level of quality and safety of your project, but maintain peace-of-mind for yourself as well.









Outotec Turula

Outotec Turula Oy 位于芬兰,主要为冶金流程生产设备,是 Outotec 在全球范围内运营的五家生产工厂中最大的一家,拥有约 60 名焊工,占地面积为 25 000 平方米。


丹麦 Welltec 为石油和天然气行业开发并提供气井技术和解决方案,其目标是使用洁净技术降低对环境的负面影响。


芬兰 Premekon Oy 专门设计和制造人行道,并利用 WeldEye 焊接管理软件,以满足其业务的严格标准要求。

It can’t get any better than this. Previously, there were cases when the client required data on who welded what, and when. 现在,WeldEye 可以自动收集所有必要信息。

Ilkka Hiltunen, Senior Advisor, Outotec

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  • Streamline your welding quality, WPS, and personnel qualification management with one convenient digital solution
  • Constant monitoring for full WPS compliance with 100 % process traceability right down to each weld
  • Real-time data collection makes it possible to intervene immediately on welding defects to avoid costly rework
  • Cloud service and web user interface enable global multi-site quality control and production performance analysis
  • Suitable for any workshop due to universal connectivity to any manufacturer’s welding equipment
  • Easy-to-use Smart Reader acts as a welder's personal communication tool for reaching welding excellence
  • As-built quality documentation is quickly and easily available based on digitally collected data
  • 使用其他 WeldEye 模块轻松扩展

Full compliance with global standards

Heavily regulated industries are under constant pressure to produce high quality welding with appropriate reporting. The quality auditing and reporting process is rather expensive and takes time. WeldEye 旨在让您免去一些麻烦。 From finding qualified welders to following WPSs, it checks all actions against the project plan with the help of Smart Reader, and verifies that your welds are always up to global standards. Accurate real-time data collection allows operators and managers to spot quality defects, begin repairs immediately and avoid costly rework after project completion. 此外,WeldEye 会生成文档来作为您产品性能和安全性的定性证据。 Sounds pretty nice, doesn't it?

Improved multi-site quality management

The ability to monitor welding quality within a global production network has previously required welding coordinators to possess superhuman capabilities. No man has yet succeeded in being present on different continents at the same time. 然而,借助 WeldEye,能够以最有效的方式通过舒适的个人操作台管理全球多站点操作,即使焊工在地球的另一端工作也没有关系。 Compatible with any manufacturer’s welding equipment, Smart Readers transfer all of the collected data into a cloud service, which can be accessed through a web user interface from any physical location. For the first time, you will now be able to benchmark different production units in terms of quality and productivity.



WeldEye Welding Management Software

WeldEye 是一款用于管理焊接生产的通用解决方案。 A balanced combination of software, hardware and service, WeldEye creates value through insight into WPS compliant welding quality, personnel qualifications, and much more.



Software for welding quality control and data collection for documentation.Ev...

Software for welding quality control and data collection for documentation.

Ever needed solid proof of welding quality? 基于以数字化形式收集的焊接参数数据,WeldEye 将为您提供已经过验证的项目质量文档。

Kemppi Smart Reader product image

Smart Reader

适合与 WeldEye 焊接质量管理和焊接生产管理服务包搭配使用。 Smart Reader acts as a welder's bar code scanner an...

适合与 WeldEye 焊接质量管理和焊接生产管理服务包搭配使用。 Smart Reader acts as a welder's bar code scanner and communications tool. 它收集数字化焊接数据并将其从工作站传输到 WeldEye。

Kemppi 可选: 通用型适配器 product image

可选: 通用型适配器

用于将肯倍的旧型号焊机或其他制造商的氩弧焊/MMA 焊机与 WeldEye 相连接。

用于将肯倍的旧型号焊机或其他制造商的氩弧焊/MMA 焊机与 WeldEye 相连接。

Kemppi 可选: 欧式适配器 product image

可选: 欧式适配器

用于将肯倍的旧型号焊机或其他制造商的熔化极气体保护焊机与 WeldEye 相连接。

用于将肯倍的旧型号焊机或其他制造商的熔化极气体保护焊机与 WeldEye 相连接。




Software for welding coordination, control, NDT, and documentation management....

Software for welding coordination, control, NDT, and documentation management.

Streamline heavy duty welding management across the whole welding production process from project configuration to quality control and final documentation.


Software solution for managing all welding related documents.借助 WeldEye 可以实现文...

Software solution for managing all welding related documents.

借助 WeldEye 可以实现文档的高效管理,包括从焊接工艺和人员资格证书到项目报告的所有方面。


Software for managing welding procedures and personnel qualifications.常见焊接协作任...

Software for managing welding procedures and personnel qualifications.

常见焊接协作任务的完美之选,WeldEye 使得开发新 WPS 和维护焊工资格变得更加简单。