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New Alfa and Beta e-series welding helmets and respirators offer reliable protection for all budgets

Kemppi strengthens its welding safety portfolio with new Alfa and Beta e-series welding helmets and respirators. Certified to the latest standards, the new models offer excellent protection for arc welding, cutting, grinding, gouging and inspection processes. The Alfa and Beta e-series are now available from authorized Kemppi dealers.


Kemppi’s Flexlite torches focus on ease and efficiency

The Finnish welding equipment manufacturer, Kemppi Oy, has launched a brand new family of welding torches.


Season's Greetings 2019

We at Kemppi believe in the future. We seek for new solutions and we know that the best results are achieved in cooperation. This year, Kemppi will make a donation to help planting trees around the world.


New MasterTig – quiet but competent master of TIG welding

Kemppi announces the launch of a completely renewed MasterTig product family. Designed for professional user groups, MasterTig product range offers a choice of power variants in 230 and 300 A models, which will be complemented in 2020 with 400 and 500 A models.


Finnish companies digitalize welding – production efficiency and traceability improve

Kemppi and PipeCloud start global software cooperation.


Kemppi celebrates 70 years of innovation in welding technology

During the past 70 years, Kemppi’s many pioneering innovations have helped it grow from a small family business into a global welding technology leader. This year also marks the 100th birthday of the company’s late founder, Martti Kemppi, who established the business with his brothers on 23 May 1949.



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