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An international environment, a wide variety of jobs, inspiring challenges, a great team spirit, revolutionary customer-focused solutions, the culture of an old, established and at the same time modern family company. That’s Kemppi.

A lot has happened here at Kemppi in the more than 65 years of our successful company history. The idea of Martti Kemppi has become truly international, and today people from a wide variety of nationalities work on many different jobs for Kemppi all over the world. In addition, there’s still something Kemppi has always been from the very beginning: an innovative family company.

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Top reasons to choose Kemppi


Kemppi is known as a technology leader. We create productive welding solutions for our customers with decades of experience and expertise. Our strong focus on R&D is the key factor in pioneering technology and innovation in the welding industry.

Feel at home

Being a family company means that we are all members of a big Kemppi family where everyone is respected and valued. We ensure that all our new employees receive a warm welcome and all the information they need to fit into the Kemppi team.

Grow and develop

We want to employ the right people for the right job and give them opportunities to grow. We value dedication and the willingness to learn and improve. With us you have a chance to develop at every stage of your career with different learning methods.


We are known for questioning the conventional. With an entrepreneurial and experimental mindset, solution orientation, and the will and skill to reach goals together, anyone at Kemppi can make a difference. One should not fear mistakes, but learn from them.

Challenge yourself

As a company we are driven by results, and we will go the extra mile to tackle any challenge. In the same way, you will have the chance to show your best and challenge yourself in your professional career. By doing so, you open up the possibility for exciting opportunities.

In the latest employee survey, 90 % of employees agreed with the statement, “I’m enthusiastic about working at Kemppi".

Working at Kemppi

We invest in developing our people with a focus on leadership, technology, and sales skills. Although intergral parts of everyday work, learning and development are also made possible through various mediums like classroom sessions, online learning, cross-functional projects, and industry interactions. We organize in-house training on topical issues, but employees can also utilize training opportunities outside the company.

As a Kemppi employee you will have clear responsibilities and you will have regular performance reviews and target discussions. In these discussions your individual targets are set in accordance with overall business goals and target fulfillment is evaluated regularly. Individual development plans are linked to the targets to ensure competency development.

We also develop the organization constantly through employee feedback. Regular personnel surveys give us valuable information regarding employee satisfaction and engagement. The result of the latest Employee Survey showed that Kemppi has a very high proportion of satisfied, motivated, and committed employees.


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