Today's special treat from Finland

From Lappeenranta, through Helsinki, to Dusseldorf. That's the travel route that Folk Dance Group Kirjavat took this morning to share some traditional Finnish dance culture with the exhibition audience. For most of the dancers, this is their first time in Dusseldorf, and more specifically, attending such a prestigious and massive welding exhibition as Schweissen und Schneiden.

"When walking around the exhibition halls, we have met so many nice people from around the world. We even met a person who owns a summer cottage in Finland and exchanged a couple of words in Finnish," dancer Emmi Pilhjerta says. "It is truly a priviledge to perform at this kind of event, representing Finland," dancer Suvi Puranen adds.

When asking their opinion of what they have seen at the exhibition so far, the dancers are very unanimous. "To be totally honest, Kemppi has the most impressive stand in the whole exhibition. We have seen a lot of cool stuff from others too, but Kemppi has definitely gone all in with an original and great design of the stand," dancer Marja Puranen describes.

Leo Anttila and Petrus Hänninen were eager to see the latest technological developments and newest innovations from Kemppi. "The stand has a lot of cool stuff that I wouldn't mind taking to work or home right this instant," Hänninen says.

Only tonight in celebration of Suomi Finland 100, Kirjavat will perform at the Kemppi stand at 17:00, 18:00 and 19:00 o'clock right before our welding demos will begin.

You will also have a chance to join in on the fun, as Kirjavat will host dance teaching sessions at 17:30, 18:30 and 19:30, featuring a nice and easy traditional Finnish folk dance called Seni.


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