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Challenge: How to produce more and faster, yet better?

No matter what industry you are in, the demands in welding productions are constantly growing. There is a continuous pressure for production cost reductions. Holding accurate delivery times gets critical as exact delivery times are stated in customer orders. You obviously can't compromise on quality that ensures safety and is stated in welding documents. You have to improve your working methods in order to make the demand match the resources.

Continuous pressure for production cost reduction

Holding accurate delivery times

No compromises on quality

Always aim for the highest quality. Never compromise on your productivity.

Kemppi solutions for mechanized welding

Kemppi provides high quality welding solutions for mechanization: First-class equipment, groundbreaking software and well-respected worldwide sales and support network. Get all you need for automated welding from one reliable supplier, the leading welding knowledge company, Kemppi. The outstanding benefits of our solutions are proven. Here we have hand-picked few of the most impressive ones. Get to know them all by learning more about our offering.


More welding per day


Savings in labor and filler costs


Faster parameter searching


Productivity increase

Proven profitability increase

Speeding up your welding and getting rid of the time-consuming welding defects will take your profitability to the next level. The superior Kemppi application software never lets you down.

Better quality throughout the life cycle

Mechanization alone means better welding quality. The modern user interface in all Kemppi’s solutions means less hassle, thus eliminating human errors. It enables precise quality control along with the whole equipment life cycle.

Benefit from one solution provider

Complete mechanization packages delivered from Kemppi result in a simplified procurement process and significant savings due to fully integrated solutions. They guarantee perfect functionality, and upgradability for our system later on.

Common mechanization benefits

Increased arc-on time

Higher productivity

Increased deposit rate

Shorter welding times, saves welding costs

Lower defect rate

Higher production output, lower costs

Less disruption in the production process

Less physical stress for welders, higher arc-on time

Mechanized welding systems

Whatever your need in the field of mechanized welding might be, there’s a suitable solution for you in our offering. We provide systems for various value levels from simple cost-effective solutions to most advanced professional systems. All our solutions are engineered to improve your productivity by increasing duty cycle, reducing repair rates, and producing consistent quality welds.


MIG Orbital systems

The most cost-efficient way to improve productivity in MIG welding of pipes and pipelines, for example in offshore or shipbuilding.


MIG Straight rail systems

Increases the arc-on time ratio without extensive costs, and improves the productivity of MIG welding in shipbuilding, offshore and general fabrication industries.


Open head clamp TIG orbital systems

For wide-ranging mechanization of pipe to pipe applications for example in chemical and power plant industry. Perfect solution for applications where highly automated multilayer welds are required, even if the work space around the joint is restricted to minimum.


Open head clamp TIG orbital systems

For wide-ranging mechanization of applications for example in food, dairy and brewery and chemical industry.


360° view of your welding

WeldEye welding management software compatibility

Kemppi systems for mechanized welding are compatible with the revolutionary WeldEye welding management software. You get a 360-degree-view of your profit, projects and results across multiple sites to reach the highest return on investment.

Mechanized welding vs. manual welding

How much more could you weld and how much money and time you could save by implementing mechanization in your welding production?

What are the most significant benefits of mechanization?

Rethink the joint design principles

The heart of Kemppi's Reduced Gap Technology (RGT) is the most advanced arc control system in the field of welding.

Welding mechanization system offering

A5 MIG Orbital System 1500

MIG orbital system for mechanized welding of pipes and pipelines or tubular products

A7 TIG Orbital System 300

TIG orbital welding system with open head clamp

A7 TIG Orbital System 150

TIG orbital welding system with closed head clamp

A5 MIG Rail System 2500

Mechanized welding system for all applications where weld lengths exceed 2 m

MagTrac F 61

Magnetic carriage unit for MIG welding mechanization

A3 MIG Rail System 2500

Simple and compact battery-driven solution for mechanized MIG welding and thermal cutting

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