X8 MIG Welder

Extreme industrial multi-process welding redefined

A multi-process welding solution for future-proof industrial welding

Challenge: Extreme expectations from industrial welding

The manufacturing industry is becoming digitized, automated, and more regulated, and this trend is also highly evident in welding production. In order to succeed in welding operations, you are expected to be more productive and quality-oriented than ever before. At the same time, as materials are developed that possess greater strength, higher corrosion-resistance, and other enhanced-performance properties, welding becomes increasingly challenging. These extreme expectations demand a lot from welding companies, welding systems, welders and coordinators. The key factor in beating the competition is to be prepared for everything, even to the extreme, with perfect equipment.

The extreme solution for future-proof industrial welding

It’s time to redefine industrial multi-process welding. Kemppi has led the development of digital welding solutions for over two decades. The next logical step is to unleash the enormous potential of the IoT: the power of connectivity. With new technology, we will give you welding performance that was previously unattainable. We'll give you control of the future with extremely precise control of the arc. We'll give you an extreme tool to take your work to perfection. We will give you a superpower: the X8 MIG Welder.

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Redefine performance

X8 MIG Welder will give you extremely precise and fast control of the arc. The sharply focused, intense arc is easy to use throughout the entire welding process cycle from ignition to crater filling. With X8 MIG Welder you will be prepared for any welding, MIG brazing, cladding, and gouging with extreme power and accuracy up to 600 A using the most common electrical network voltages.

Redefine usability

X8 MIG Welder is the user-friendliest industrial multi-process welding system out there. Every aspect of the power source, wire feeder, welding guns, user interface, and other components were designed and engineered to the best usability practices. Therefore, you will enjoy maximum ease and confidence of use throughout even the most extreme welding tasks.

Redefine welding management

X8 MIG Welder is fully compatible with the WeldEye management software, which features several modules, including a welding procedure and personal qualification management. Digital WPS – a new feature of the X8 MIG Welder – extends the management of WPSs to the shop floor. Thanks to the Control Pad's large and bright display, the welder can easily find the relevant WPS, view the content, and activate it. In addition, the Control Pad serves as a reader device, and can be used to collect fabrication information for project documentation, and to ensure that welding is carried out according to WPSs.

Elements of extreme industrial welding

You will get the chance to focus on welding. The X8 MIG Welder will give you the ultimate elements to master welding work, no matter how demanding or complex. With unparalleled performance delivered through Kemppi's unique high-duty power source and intelligent wire line, the X8 MIG Welder offers a precisely controlled welding current up to 600 A. The excellent arc characteristics of standard/synergic/pulsed/Wise MIG/MAG and stick (MMA) welding cover not only the challenging applications, but extreme ones as well, including, for example, pipe girth and narrow gap welding.

The Control Pad, the brains of the system, serves many purposes. It's the most advanced, yet practical user interface for setting and adjusting parameters, control welding, and viewing WPS details.

Welding guns

Welder's most important tool with optimized hand grip, mobility and stability. Ergonomic design guarantees a perfect touch on the trigger and reduce torque on the wrist.

Wire feeder

Compact all-in-one wire feeder with ultimate user-friendliness and accessibility.

Power source

Power sources with striking performance and easy serviceability offer a precisely controlled welding current up to 600 A.

Control Pad

Unique wireless Control Pad with crisp display for total control and connectivity including readiness of the Digital WPS feature.

Wise application software

Best arc characteristics for high speed welding (WiseFusion), narrow gap welding (RGT), pipe root welding (WiseRoot+) and low spatter welding in the globular transfer area (WiseSteel).

WeldEye welding management software

Connecting the X8 MIG Welder to the WeldEye cloud service allows for the use of Kemppi's unique management tools for both the welding work and documentation.

X8 MIG Welder at a glance

Behind the scenes of Kemppi product development

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Revolutionary control and ease of use

Digital WPS

X8 MIG Welder's Digital WPS function renders printed WPS documents unnecessary. It allows welders to search, view and activate WPSs on the Control Pad's display, and automatically use the right parameters during welding. The WPSs are transferred to X8 MIG Welders on the shop floor from the WeldEye welding procedure and personal qualification software over the Internet. This revolutionizes WPS management in welding production both from the welder's and welding coordinator's point of view.



X8 MIG Welder is fully compatible with the revolutionary WeldEye welding management software. WeldEye gives you a 360-degree-view of your profit, projects and results across multiple sites to reach the highest return on investment.

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X8 MIG Welder premiere at EuroBLECH 2016

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