Gamma safety products available in May 2019

The latest in personal protection for welders, the Gamma product family will be available from Kemppi Safety Products Dealers from 1 May 2019. Offering the best protection for the eyes, face and respiratory system, Gamma also integrates work lights for clear vision and safety in low light working conditions. It reduces work fatigue, increases comfort, and protects from welding related health hazards. Gamma models now set the benchmark for welder’s safety and protection globally.

Gamma model options range from standard face and eye protection to advanced high-class respiratory solutions, including a model with integrated LED work lights. They can be used in all arc based processes, including welding, cutting, and gouging, as well as in grinding and inspection work.

Powered from either a battery powered filter pack or airline breathing source, the Gamma GTH3 welder's respirators work on the ‘positive air pressure’ principle. This means that positive air pressure excludes dangerous welding fumes, supplying clean and fresh breathing air into the breathing zone, making it safe, cool, and comfortable throughout the whole working day.

Meeting the highest filtration performance for respiratory protection, the belt mounted, battery powered PFU 210e filter pack offers total freedom of movement around the worksite, and the supplied air models can be connected to a known breathing air system meeting the local breathing air standards.

Gamma provides excellent optical quality and large view areas. LiFE+ Color auto-darkening welding filter technology enables greater clarity of vision, and the ‘Remote-RC’ feature makes adjustment of the ADF extremely easy whilst wearing the helmet. The remote control buttons are conveniently located on the inside upper surface of the helmet shell, so protected from everyday knocks and damage.

Upgrades also in Beta and Delta product ranges

The new Beta FreshAir product range contains two models: Beta XFA and SFA. These respirator systems provide cool and clean breathing air from either a PFU 210e battery powered filter unit or a supplied breathing air solution where the airflow is regulated from the RSA 230.

The new Delta hard hat models also get a refresh, in the form of a new Li-Ion, fast charge battery and charger package.

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