WeldEye upgrades WPS and qualification management

85% Faster prolongation of personnel qualifications and 95% faster sketching of welding joints

WeldEye simplifies welding management and now offers a single efficient and secure cloud solution to create and manage WPS and qualification base. Suitable for any size and type of company with welding operations, WeldEye for Welding Procedure and Qualification Management software is up to 85% faster in prolonging personnel qualifications compared to traditional methods. It has the most user-friendly built-in drawing tool for sketching weld joints on the market. The tool enables creating sketches in just one minute, which is 95% faster than with traditional methods. Support for AWS, ASME, EN and ISO standards capitalizes on the full potential of digitalized welding management.

“This is efficiency at its best in WPS and qualification management. WeldEye has been tested and proven to perform in an excellent way in the coordination of welders, operators and NDT personnel alike, regardless of the industry,” summarizes Vesa Tiilikka, Product Manager, Software, Kemppi Oy.

WeldEye is an ideal choice for multisite welding management. It generates a range of EN ISO qualifications and enables convenient qualification prolongation with internal and third-party signatures automatically. It has a time-saving function for copying templates, it sends automatic certificate expiry warnings to your email and offers an advanced search function and content filtering. Welders’ data is transfered automatically in connection with the creation of new qualification certificates, which results in significant time savings in qualification management. When used together with Kemppi's X8 MIG Welder, WeldEye enables the use of revolutionary digital WPS.


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Product Manager, Software
Kemppi Oy
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