Mechanized welding provides means to increase the arc on time ratio without extensive investment cost and are therefore the most cost efficient way to improve productivity in MIG welding in shipbuilding, offshore or general fabrication industry among others. The systems on different value levels include Kemppi FastMig Welder with unique Kemppi WISE application software which provides significant additional savings in production efficiency.

Mechanized welding rail systems MIG

A5 MIG Rail System 2500

Mechanized welding system for all applications where weld lengths exceed 2 m or in case of multi-layer welds in e.g. shipbuilding and offshore. Wise processes enable significantly better welding production efficiency. Flexible rail tracks can be bent on curved surfaces.

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A3 MIG Rail System 2500

Simple and compact battery-driven solution for mechanized MIG welding and thermal cutting for applications where weaving is not needed. For weld lengths exceeding 2 m as well as multi-layer welds. The WiseFusion process enables significantly better welding production efficiency.

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MagTrac F 61

Magnetic carriage unit for MIG welding mechanization. Compatible with Kemppi FastMig M and X welding equipment. The sales package includes the carriage unit, power source, wire feeder, welding gun for mechanized welding, and cables.

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