Robotic welding

Flexibility in a complete package

High-quality welding solutions for robotic welding

Challenge: How to integrate and adapt to modern requirements?

The requirements of new modern technology make it even more important to have a complete solution for integrating all your machines, software and equipment to one total solution.

World is constantly changing. You have to be able to adapt to the varying needs of your customers. End product quality requirements in demanding industrial applications are increasing and standards are becoming more and more tight. To get the very best out of your robotized welding cell, process equipment must talk the same language as the robot. Your mission is to make profit by welding. You want to weld more, weld faster, weld better, and yet simultaneously save in costs. You need to find technological solutions that support your objectives.

Simple and secure, integrated solutions to meet the challenges of robotic welding. In one package.

Kemppi solutions for robotic welding

Kemppi provides high-quality welding solutions designed especially to operate with different kinds of robots. The unique Kemppi Wise special processes are available in our robotic welding solutions: Kemppi offers first-class equipment, groundbreaking software, and well-respected sales and support worldwide. Get all you need for robotic welding from one reliable supplier.

Full integration for all robots

Increase productivity immediately: Kemppi's robotic welding solutions are easy to integrate with any kind of welding robot. Use your time more wisely to gain with Kemppi. No matter which robot brand you have chosen, Kemppi is the perfect choice for your welding needs.

Exceed all quality requirements

With Kemppi's Wise application software for robotic welding, you can set the bar high. Kemppi provides stable and reliable process equipment which meets the requirements of challenging welding applications unquestionably, now and in the future.

Be prepared

The final setup is always configured to meet your and your customers’ needs, whatever they are. You can weld anything from mild steel to special alloys, from thin sheets to thick plates, in hot or cold conditions, at workshops or shipyards. A wide range of welding programs, easy adjustability, and upgradability allow fast response to changing needs.

Significantly improve your productivity

Kemppi's robotic welding solutions are engineered to improve your productivity. With our know-how, you can speed up your welding, increase arc-on time, and achieve savings in labor and filler wire costs.

Full package to your needs



High-quality hardware to ensure efficient processes


Application software

Forerunner of welding software: Kemppi's Wise special processes


Integration system

For perfect communication in welding



Total solutions to match with every welding robot

360° view of your welding

Compatibility with WeldEye welding management software

Kemppi's robotic welding systems are compatible with the comprehensive WeldEye welding management software. You get a 360-degree-view of your welding quality, projects, and 100% traceability across multiple sites to give you the highest return on investment.

A7 MIG Welder

Engineered for your profit

The state-of-the-art solution for robotic arc welding, ideal for integration with any robot brand.

Reduced Gap Technology

Rethink the joint design principles

Kemppi's Reduced Gap Technology allows reliable and efficient narrow gap welding with no need for special equipment or accessories for material thicknesses of up to 30 mm.

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Technical specifications