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WeldEye Welding Management Software

The total welding production management solution

At Kemppi we know that IoT and digitalization have the power to enhance productivity in industrial production. WeldEye is a comprehensive welding management solution for heavy duty welding. It can streamline your whole welding production from project planning and welding coordination activities to final reporting, and provide an accurate overview of a project's status at all times. Automated welding data collection enables real-time quality control with verification of compliance with WPS and welding standards. With all the project related data and materials in one place, each weld is traceable, and final documentation can be produced as a single file in no time. Overall, such enhancements can contribute to notable monetary savings to any production. When you can have it all, why not go for it?

Key benefits

View of your welding production

View of your welding production

For better project management and resource control

Weld traceability

Weld traceability

Throughout the welding production process

Faster documentation process

Faster documentation process

Due to digitally collected, as-built data

Key applications

Building steel frames

Building steel frames

Pressure vessels and boilers

Pressure vessels and boilers




Outotec Turula

Located in Finland, Outotec Turula Oy produces equipment for metallurgic processes and is the largest of the globally operating Outotec's five production facilities with about 60 welders and 25 000 m² premises.


Finnish Premekon Oy specializes in the design and manufacture of walkways, and utilizes WeldEye welding management software in order to meet the strict standard requirements of its business.

With WeldEye, we can prepare documents showing that the welding has been performed by competent welders, in line with the WPS and with the right filler. Such details can be tracked if there’s a later need for checking how the work has been done.

Antti Nykänen, Team Leader, Welding, Outotec

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  • Have total control over welding engineering, production, and testing from project start to finish
  • Decrease the time spent on manual paperwork with automated welding data collection in real time
  • Improve resource management with a complete overview of production status available at all times
  • Simple and efficient solution for welding procedure, and welder, operator and NDT personnel qualification management
  • Constant monitoring of WPS compliance with 100 % process traceability down to each weld
  • Cloud service enables global multi-site quality control and production performance analysis
  • Accelerate project delivery from weeks to minutes with as-built documentation
  • Support for AWS, ASME, EN, and ISO standards with pre-defined layouts
  • Universal connectivity to any manufacturer’s welding equipment

Start knowing with WeldEye

By configuring your welding project in WeldEye, each work phase will be verifiably completed according to the WPS and standard requirements down to each weld. The software will automatically inform you of any deviations or potential welding defects, which enables early intervention so that you can avoid costly rework in the future. Increased welding transparency can decrease your repair costs significantly. With WeldEye, you get guaranteed accurate and fast data flow within any professional welding project.

Project documentation available in no time

It is a known fact that compiling project documentation takes time. No one can escape the process, but there are ways to make it less exhausting and much more accurate. By collecting and storing all of the required information to WeldEye, the software offers full as-built documentation in printable form at request. No need to gather various papers from different locations for weeks when WeldEye does the work for you in minutes.

Speed up the inspection process

In general, the notification of a completed weld goes from the welder to the supervisor, who then informs the inspector to come and check the weld. However, WeldEye is able to speed up the process with the help of Smart Readers. When the welder has marked a weld complete using the Smart Reader, it sends the message through the system directly to the inspector. As a result, WeldEye provides a clear list of the welds that should be inspected to the inspector, quickening the process essentially.

WeldEye will revolutionize your welding production.

Productivity benefits come from increased quality and effectiveness of the welding work, automated monitoring, and faster and easier collection of project documentation.

Easy and effective WPS management

Let's be honest: welding procedure management is not always a well-structured process. Even though the WPSs exist in production, the right WPS is not always used for the right application. Moreover, searching for WPSs can be time consuming and even frustrating. WeldEye is able to find the WPS needed faster than by manual searching a paper archive. Even the development of new WPSs for the exact needs of your project is much simpler with predefined templates of a number of international standards.

Quick and simple qualification prolongation

Imagine yourself as the welding coordinator of a company with 25 welders on payroll. If each welder holds three qualifications that need to be revised twice a year, you are left with 75 qualifications and 150 prolongations per year. Even without calculating further, it is obvious that this process is not a swift one. WeldEye can manage prolongations up to 75 % faster than with regular methods, and you even get automatic certificate expiry notifications straight to your email. Perfect for both welders and inspectors alike, you can now approve the designation with only one click, based on the person's verified track record on previous weld projects. Never will qualifications expire unexpectedly on your watch, nor will you spend long hours updating a complex Excel sheet again.

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WeldEye Welding Management Software

WeldEye is a universal solution to manage welding production. A balanced combination of software, hardware and service, WeldEye creates value through insight into WPS compliant welding quality, personnel qualifications, and much more.

What's in the system

Welding production management

Software for welding coordination, control, NDT, and documentation management.Str...

Software for welding coordination, control, NDT, and documentation management.

Streamline heavy duty welding management across the whole welding production process from project configuration to quality control and final documentation.

Kemppi Smart Reader product image

Smart Reader

Smart Reader acts as a welder's bar code scanner and communications tool. It collects...

Smart Reader acts as a welder's bar code scanner and communications tool. It collects and transfers digital welding data from the work stations to WeldEye.

Kemppi OPTIONAL: Universal Adapter-cv product image

OPTIONAL: Universal Adapter-cv

An accessory device for connecting MIG/MAG, TIG or stick (MMA) welders of any brand t...

An accessory device for connecting MIG/MAG, TIG or stick (MMA) welders of any brand to WeldEye. Measures current and voltage.

Kemppi OPTIONAL: Euro Adapter-cv product image

OPTIONAL: Euro Adapter-cv

An accessory device for connecting MIG/MAG welders of any brand with euro adapter to ...

An accessory device for connecting MIG/MAG welders of any brand with euro adapter to WeldEye. Measures current and voltage.


Equipment and software

Welding Procedure and Qualification Management

Software for managing welding procedures and personnel qualifications.Support for...

Software for managing welding procedures and personnel qualifications.

Support for AWS, ASME, EN and ISO standards. Includes fast and easy-to-use drawing tool for weld joint sketching. Enables the digital WPS (dWPS) function with Kemppi X8 MIG Welder.

Welding quality management

Software for verifying welding quality and collecting data for documentation.Exte...

Software for verifying welding quality and collecting data for documentation.

Extensive non-conformance reporting. Software used with an easy-to-use reading device that is compatible with any welding equipment brand.

Welding documentation management

Software solution for managing all welding related documents.WeldEye makes effici...

Software solution for managing all welding related documents.

WeldEye makes efficient documentation management a reality, covering it all from welding procedures and personnel qualification certificates to project reporting.

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