Highly efficient root pass welding

Productive and high quality MIG welding process

WiseRoot+ is an optimized short arc process for root pass welding without backing. The process is highly effective being significantly faster than stick (MMA), TIG and standard MIG/MAG short arc welding, yet producing high quality welds. The welding of fixed pipes in any position is possible and groove angle can be reduced by even 40%, depending on the application.

A stable and efficient arc resulting in excellent weld quality is enabled through precise real time voltage measuring, current control and right in time filler metal droplet releasing. Filler metal transfer is smooth and spatter-free. WiseRoot+ is a MIG/MAG welding process 131, 133, 135, 136 or 138 according to standard EN ISO 4063. WiseRoot+ suits for Kemppi FastMig X welding equipment and is a standard feature in FastMig X Pipe setup, and an optional extra in FastMig X Regular and Intelligent setups.

Key benefits

More productive

More productive

Weld more per day compared to normal MIG/MAG welding

Less labor costs

Less labor costs

Per welded meter

Savings in filler costs

Savings in filler costs

By ability to decrease groove angle by 10°

Key applications

Tanks and silos

Tanks and silos

Pressure vessels and boilers

Pressure vessels and boilers




Technip Offshore Finland

Dedicated to safety and quality, Technip Offshore Finland Oy is a specialized manufacturer of anchored spar platforms, which require hurricane-proof construction in harsh offshore conditions.

P&W Pipe and Welding

P&W is an Australian engineering company that specializes in high-quality piping systems and steel structures welded and constructed from materials such as stainless steel, duplex and nickel alloys.


Patria’s Land business unit is a trusted provider of cutting-edge armoured wheeled vehicles, mortar systems and related support services with strong technical know-how.

WiseRoot+ is amazingly user-friendly and performs as advertised. It allows us to easily deal with a wide range of fit up discrepancies such as misalignment or variable root gaps. To date, we have experienced a 100% pass rate with the welds tested with WiseRoot+ using Kemppi FastMig X 450.

Scott Woodman, Director, P&W


  • Increases welding speed compared to MMA, TIG and standard MAG short arc welding
  • Gives the possibility to reduce groove volume
  • Allows wide range of root gaps and faces without incomplete or excessive penetration
  • Easier to learn welding technique
  • No need for backing ring
  • Less spatter
  • Allows welding of fixed pipes in all positions
  • Allows welding of rotated pipes
  • Allows welding with long cables
  • Processes can be used with different materials; steel, stainless steels and high alloyed steels
  • In WiseRoot+ excellent arc characteristic also with CO2
  • Wide selection of wire diameter (0,8 – 1,2)

Weld over 80 % more per day by using WiseRoot+

You can weld for over 80 % more each day with WiseRoot+ compared to conventional MIG/MAG welding. The welding groove can be decreased from 60° to 50°, which leads to a 50% smaller groove area for filling and capping. WiseRoot+ is also notably faster than 1-MIG or TIG: the welding travel speed with WiseRoot+ is 20-25 cm/min when compared with 1-MIG's 8-12 cm/min, and TIG's 5-9 cm/min, depending on the application.

In our example case, you can weld 11 meters in one working day with WiseRoot+ and only about 6 meters with MIG/MAG.

50% savings on labor costs with WiseRoot+

With WiseRoot+ you can reach up to 50% lower labor costs per welded meter. This is a result of the faster travel speed and the ability to decrease the groove angle. The narrower groove angle means only one filling and capping pass is needed.  In addition, WiseRoot+ allows fluctuation of the root gap, making the afterwork costs lower due to the limited amount of slag and spatter.

Save 50% in filler costs

After being able to narrow the groove angle from 60° to 50°, the area for filling and capping is significantly smaller leading to more than 50% reduction in the consumption of filler material . 

Reach 40% material savings

In the example of a shaft tube longitudinal weld, it was possible to decrease the groove angle from 60° to 35° and achieve 40 % material savings and a higher welding speed. The root gap was 5 mm, but can be wider as WiseRoot+ process allows variations.

The welding position was PG, filler wire Fe 0.9-1.2 mm, and shielding gas Ar+18 % CO₂.

See it in action


WiseRoot+ for productive root pass welding

More productive root pass welding with WiseRoot+, Kemppi’s optimized short arc process! It is significantly faster than stick (MMA), TIG and standard MIG/MAG short arc welding. Real-time voltage measuring, current control and right on time filler metal droplet releasing ensure excellent weld quality. WiseRoot+ is amazingly user-friendly with less spatter.


Equipment and software

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Optimized short arc process for productive root pass welding with FastMig M. Excellen...

Optimized short arc process for productive root pass welding with FastMig M. Excellent weld quality through automatic adjustment of the welding parameters. Gives higher speed than stick (MMA), TIG or MIG/MAG short arc welding. Also available for automated welding.

Extras and accessories

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Product code9990418 (FastMig X)
X8500003 (X8 MIG Welder)

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