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How can I configure the welding equipment package for the robotic welding station?

Each robotic welding station has specific needs depending on the materials, industry, etc. However, you can be sure that the robotic welding system AX MIG Welder is fully compatible with the majority of robot models currently in use.

AX MIG Welder consists of several power source options with 400 or 500 A and synergic and pulse MIG welding options, a powerful cooler, wire feeder units designed for robotic welding, a robotic connectivity module, which is the heart of the system, a browser-based user interface, optional welding programs, depending on the application and in addition, mounting brackets, interconnection cables, and other accessories.

With the Kemppi Configurator, you can build the setup most suitable for your application. However, you can be sure that AX MIG Welder ticks all the boxes on your list.

What is the difference between a robot and a cobot welding station?

Robots are designed for industrial applications in which robots are isolated from human contact. Robotic welding cells are equipped with dedicated robotic welding machines and accessories.

Robotic welders typically require higher costs (than cobots) for both staff training and equipment but offer maximum efficiency.

Cobot, also called a collaborative robot, works alongside the operator within a shared space thanks to built-in safety precautions such as rounded edges, lightweight construction, limitation of speed and force, or built-in sensors and software.

A cobot welding station is an easily programmable small station, often equipped with a manual welding machine. Usually, cobot cells are not fully automated. Compared to robots, cobots offer more flexibility while requiring a smaller overall investment.

Where can I get support for robotic welding?

Kemppi robotic service team ([email protected]) will help with all welding-related issues and with device configurations. All AX user manuals and integration manuals can be found in Kemppi Userdoc.

The local integrator helps, supports, and trains, if necessary, in cooperation with Kemppi.

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