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Support FAQ

Where can I get service and/or consumable parts for Kemppi equipment?

You can get service and consumables from your nearest Kemppi representative. Please see our representatives near you.

How can I find the closest Kemppi service workshop near me?

You can find the closest repair workshop from our map search.

What kind of a warranty does Kemppi equipment have?

Kemppi welding equipment is designed and tested for professional industrial environments. As a guarantee of high quality, we offer our customers a global warranty up to three years. 

For full details, see Kemppi Warranty.

Your equipment FAQ

How to change gas cooled / water cooled selection?

When leaving the factory, cooling unit status is set 'ON'. If no cooling unit is connected, set the cooling unit status to 'OFF'. Depending on your panel type follow the instructions described in the graphic below. Having selected the cooling state required, reset the power source by switching off at the main on/off switch. Restart the power source and weld.

Mains and generator use, what do I need to do if anything?

Primary circuits of the machine are protected against sudden, transient overvoltages. The machine is designed to withstand 3 x 440 V voltage continuously. Ensure that voltage is kept within this permissible limit, especially when the mains supply is provided by a combustion engine generator. If the mains has under voltage (under approx. 300 V) or overvoltage (over approx. 480 V) machine control stops operation automatically.

On my FastMig M machine, what is the normal cooling fan sequence, start up and in operation?

The fan is started for a moment when the main switch is placed into position I. The fan will start during welding as the machine heats up and it will continue running for 1 to 10 minutes after the welding has stopped.

Got questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you experience any further problems or have any questions

The forerunner of arc welding

Kemppi is the design leader of the arc welding industry. We are committed to boosting the quality and productivity of welding by continuous development of the welding arc. Kemppi supplies advanced products, digital solutions and services for professionals from industrial welding companies to single contractors. The usability and reliability of our products is our guiding principle. We operate with a highly skilled partner network covering over 70 countries to make its expertise locally available. Headquartered in Lahti, Finland, Kemppi employs close to 800 professionals in 17 countries and has a revenue of 140 MEUR.

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