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Why do other companies have higher results on airborne welding fume extraction?

Kemppi’s welding fume extraction gun models and their extraction efficiency has been measured according to new standard, ISO 21904-3. Our test results are always verifiable and transparent. 

The Flexlite GF offers primary protection for not only the welder, but also for others sharing the same working environment. The efficient and adjustable vacuum flow removes 95% of airborne fumes and particles before they reach breathing zones. 

Why doesn’t Kemppi reccommend any vacuum devices?

Kemppi informs the user about the recommendable minimum and maximum flows to be used with Flexlite GF fume extraction guns. With this information, the correct vacuum unit is easy to select. In addition, the adjustment in Flexlite GF models helps in dealing with different vacuum flows. With an additional air flow meter, it is easy to determine the current vacuum flow

Why should I select a fume-extracting welding gun?

A fume-extracting welding gun, such as Flexlite GF, is the most mobile choice that removes welding fumes right from the source. Welding jobs are often carried out in inaccessible places. The excellent ergonomics of the lightweight Flexlite GF reduces injury risks and allows a welder to weld for longer periods of time, and more efficiently. With the Flexlite GF, welding performance can reach new levels in terms of safety and welding capability.

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