MasterTig MLS 3003ACDC VRD

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MasterTig MLS 3000/3003ACDC/3000ACDC VRD

MasterTig MLS 3000/3003ACDC/3000ACDC VRD

Support FAQ

Where can I get service and/or consumable parts for Kemppi equipment?

You can get service and consumables from your nearest Kemppi representative. Please see our representatives near you.

How can I find the closest Kemppi service workshop near me?

You can find the closest repair workshop from our map search.

What kind of a warranty does Kemppi equipment have?

Most of our equipment is covered for 2 years. For full details, see Kemppi Warranty.

Your equipment FAQ

What does the different error codes mean?

All the error codes are explained in the user manual in detail.

How can I update the software on machine?

Please contact the nearest authorized Kemppi service & repair workshop.

What is the recommended mains fuse size and type?

Technical specifications in the user manual has the recommended model and size.

What are the part numbers and prices for spare parts?

You can find our spare and wear part numbers and prices from the nearest Kemppi representative.

Where is my nearest service workshop?

Please see the contact map for repair and service workshops.

How can I find the correct consumable kit for my MIG/MAG machine?

You can use our consumable kit finder tool to find the correct one.

What is the warranty on my equipment?

Kemppi 2 year warranty. You can get more information from your nearest Kemppi representative.

How to change gas cooled / water cooled selection?

Cooler is automatically detected when TIG torch is connected.

Got questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you experience any further problems or have any questions


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