Kemppi Offering

Welcome to the world of Kemppi welding

Welding equipment

Manual welding

Powerful and intelligent welding equipment

Automated welding

Complete systems for mechanized and robotic welding


Heavy duty carbon arc gouging with KempGouge ARC 800

Equipment validation

The universal solution for welding equipment validation

Application software


Guns and torches

A combination of professional performance and solid choice

Consumable parts

Small items, great impact

Welder's safety

Safety, comfort and reliability

Remote controls

Increased work efficiency, comfort and safety

Ancillary products

A wide variety of accessories to boost efficiency

Transport units

Added value on wheels

Welding management software


Universal welding management software

Expert services


Making sure you perform at the highest possible level


Meet the requirements and standards in welding


Making sure you perform at the highest possible level

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