Kemppi supports the EuroSkills vocational skills competition in Graz, Austria

Kemppi – the forerunner of arc welding - is one of the EuroSkills partners providing the welding equipment for the Welding skill competitors and present with several stands around the venue area.

In order to get the EuroSkills 2021 up and running, the support of partners is crucial as the participants need the equipment to complete the competition tasks according to the professional standards. “Kemppi supprts EuroSkills 2021 because it is a great way of encouraging young people and the event audience to get acquinted with the welding profession and Kemppi Red Dot award welding equipment. We want the welders of the future to be able to weld in the welding competition with state-of-the-art Kemppi FastMIG X and MasterTig 235, in which easy-to-use interfaces and ergonomics also play an important role”, says Norbert Pfleger, Sales Manager at Kemppi Austria – and a EuroSkills 2021 Workshop Manager.

Kemppi has been known for taking an active role in the development of arc welding and collaborating with educational institutes. “Kemppi has a long history in teaming up with schools, colleges, and universities across the world to help train a new generation of welders. We are happy to see that the future of welders looks bright. Welders are more in demand than ever and EuroSkills competition is an excellent showcase of that. Therefore, EuroSkills is the place to be and we hope to meet many young welding professionals, customers and other stakeholders on Kemppi stands and during the event”, says Gerben van den Berg,  Kemppi Vice President, Markets.  

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Norbert Pfleger

  • Sales Manager, Austria
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  • Languages: EN, DE
  • Responsible for countries: Austria

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