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Kemppi is a company dedicated to welding excellence. Our offering includes welding solutions for both demanding industrial applications and ready-to-weld needs. No matter how you are connected to the world of welding, or where ever you are, we invite you to join the welding excellence. We invite you to participate and share. We hope you discover inspiring information and helpful services on this website. If you have an idea or suggestion that will help us serve you better, we would like to hear it.

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X8 MIG Welder

Extreme industrial multi-process welding redefined

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MasterTig MLS 2300ACDC

MasterTig MLS 2300ACDC is a precise aluminum welding specialist that suits all welded materials.


A7 MIG Welder 450

A7 MIG Welder 450 is the state-of-the-art solution for robotic arc welding, ideal for integration with any robot brand.


Reduced Gap Technology (RGT)

Our RGT solution enables smaller groove volume which yields significant cost savings through reductions in welding time and filler-material consumption.


New on Welding Value

Welding Value is a blog hosted by Kemppi. Its main purpose is to evoke discussion on the transformation of modern welding, and bring you the latest stories from within the global welding industry told by true experts in their respective fields.

What could you save by digitalizing your WPS?

During the development of our new offering for demanding industrial welding, we began to rethink the manual WPS. Is the manual way truly the only option in this era of connected systems? Would digitalization offer new efficiency to the use of the WPS?

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The significance of usability in industrial welding

We asked two professional welders – Meyer’s Jukka Hahko and Dinolift’s Pasi Laakso – what good usability means in industrial welding.

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How do standards challenge the European welding industry?

The European welding industry is recreating itself with standardization as one of the driving forces. Our ambition is to transform the industry from 3D – dirty, dull, and dangerous – to 3C – cool, clean, and clever.

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