New Beta e for safety helmet product range is now available

Kemppi announces the launch of a new product range Beta e for SH which provides cost-efficient occupational safety with full head and face protection - operators keep their hard hat on even during welding.

Beta e90 SH welding masks are equipped with either passive or auto-darkening lense so they provide improved occupational safety with full face and head protection against sparks and spatters, and operators can leave their mandatory hard hat with the hearing protection on while welding. - According to the occupational safety and health law, a hard hat must be used at the construction site all times. It is also mandatory to provide site workers with personal eye and hearing protection, notes Roger Rasmussen, Head of Kemppi Safety Business Unit.

Easy installation, improved cost-efficiency

Quick and secure installation to the hard hat earmuff holder means easy switching between different work modes. The Beta e SH welding mask clicks into three positions for multiple applications from welding to grinding and inspection.  -That makes the Beta e SH welding mask a cost-efficient solution to easily convert the hard hat into a welding helmet, Rasmussen adds.

The Beta e for SH product range consists of the Beta e90 SH welding mask with passive or automatic darkening filter, the Beta e397 Kemppi branded Kask hard hat and the Kask SC3 earmuffs. The Beta e90P and e90A complete kit is a ready to wear package which includes the welding mask, hard hat and the Kask SC3 earmuffs. 


Technical specifications