New Zeta Fresh Air Helmets and Beta Art helmet designs

Kemppi launches lightweight helmets with maximum breathing protection and updates the popular Beta e-series welding helmets with an exciting new look.

Brand new Zeta Fresh Air helmets come with a respirator for maximum breathing protection while also offering complete eye and face safety. Each model in the Fresh Air range is specifically designed for one-hand use while also offering enhanced visibility features. They also feature a lightweight, narrow design that reduces neck fatigue.

All welding helmets in the Zeta Fresh Air series come with VISION+ technology for an accurate view of the environment and a best-in-class auto-darkening filter – a 2.5 DIN shade makes it easier to see bright colors and details when the arc is turned off. There are also grinding and surface-finishing Fresh Air helmets with a 200mm high viewing area, a 180° viewing angle, and EN166 protection against high-speed particles.

Zeta Fresh Air helmets can be ordered with LED work lights that automatically adjust to the ambient light. It is also possible to control the lights manually with one hand. 

Zeta Fresh Air helmets are available now.

Introducing new Nordic-inspired Beta Art helmet designs

Our popular Beta e-series helmets have been leading the way in all-around comfort, visibility, and protection for years. And now, we've added two new helmet designs.


Beta Art Forest

As a Nordic brand, we have a strong connection to nature. We feel at home outdoors, and we appreciate simple things. Our first new Beta Art design is inspired by the beautiful northern pine forests. Each tree is part of a vast landscape, but at the same time, individual pine needles create a unique pattern that is instantly recognizable.

Beta Art Ice

The second new design is inspired by the beauty of Nordic nature. Ice has the power to shape the landscape and the ability to fall softly from the sky. In this design, strong blue lines are set against a solid white backdrop to capture the stunning beauty of snow-covered peaks and the breathtaking details of a frozen landscape.

Beta Art helmets are available now.


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