Renewed Beta welding helmets offer greater protection, comfort and usability

Kemppi's Beta welding helmets offer professional welders reliable protection for a variety of welding related processes. Launching on 1 June 2018, these welding helmets feature updated specifications, offering greater value, comfort and usability.

Beta welding helmets provide exceptional protection for the eyes and face. Designed for professional welders and certified to EN175 B for welding, cutting and grinding processes, Beta welding helmet range includes either passive or auto-darkening filters.

The renewed Beta family includes five models, suiting all budgets and applications: Beta 60P, Beta 60A, Beta 90P, Beta 90A, Beta 90X. All models feature a magnifying lens frame and a comfort headband for added user convenience. Models 60P and 90P have a passive welding glass, and the other models are equipped with a new, efficient auto-darkening welding filter.

The top model in the updated Beta range, Beta 90X reaches new levels of performance and usability. It includes the latest ADF welding filter, featuring an LCD user interface panel and an extended welding shade range reaching to shades 14 and 15. An excellent ADF model option for high current applications, XA 47 features new LiFE+ Colour ADF technology for improved clarity of vision in the light state.

For more information, see Welder's Safety.

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