Welding torches

Welding torches must withstand extreme temperatures in a demanding environment, whilst allowing the creation of high-quality welds. With Kemppi's welding guns and torches, you achieve reliable welding performance, focused around everyday welding comfort.

MIG/MAG welding gun range

FE welding guns

The FE range's great combination of professional performance with the comfort, value, and flexibility of a gas-cooled MIG/MAG gun suited to light to medium duty performance, makes it a solid choice for our customers.

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MMT/PMT welding guns

Whether you're welding ships' hulls or pleasure boats, rail cars or racing cars, you can trust Kemppi MMT and PMT guns to deliver value to every weld. This range includes guns for both manual and mechanized welding.

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PMT MN welding guns

The 320 A ‘fast change’ gun neck system, allowing one of five neck variants to be selected and fitted to the gun handle in seconds.

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WeldSnake guns

WeldSnake™ gun family is the ultimate distance solution in a 'Push gun format' and available in either gas-cooled or water-cooled models. Combined with DL Chili liner WeldSnake™ offers incredible, eye-opening performance.

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X8 MIG Guns

X8 MIG Guns are a powerful combination of ergonomic and technical welding performance. Their innovative design guarantees perfect touch of the trigger and reduces wrist loading. Available in either gas-cooled or water-cooled models.

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TIG welding torch range

Flexlite TX

Flexlite TX welding torches are designed for use with MasterTig welding equipment. The torch range includes several neck models, offering superb cooling performance and good access to challenging joint designs.

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TTK welding torches

The TTK torch range fits a wide range of industrial TIG welding machines.

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TTM welding torches

The TTM torch range is equipped with manual gas valves to regulate the shielding gas flow, ensuring basic TIG welding tasks are easily completed.

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Technical specifications