Welding torches

Welding torches must withstand extreme temperatures in a demanding environment, whilst allowing the creation of high-quality welds. With Kemppi's welding guns and torches, you achieve reliable welding performance, focused around everyday welding comfort.

MIG/MAG welding gun range

Flexlite GXe

The Flexlite GXe is a reliable, high-quality MIG/MAG torch series with optimized ergonomics and excellent welding performance. The improved structure enables a longer, cost-efficient lifetime for both the torch and consumables, proved by a 6-month warranty.

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Flexlite GX

Flexlite GX product series contains welding guns to be used in MIG/MAG welding processes. All Flexlite GX welding guns enjoy the Flexlite features for user comfort, welding efficiency and extended consumable parts life. The GX family includes a wide range of welding gun models designed to serve specific welding needs.

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Flexlite GF

The Flexlite GF product series consists of several MIG/MAG welding guns with a fume extraction function. The efficient vacuum system extracts the welding fumes directly from the gun nozzle without disturbing the shielding gas flow.

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Flexlite GC

The Flexlite GC product series contains five lightweight and robust entry-level welding gun models for MIG/MAG welding processes. The welding guns models are equipped with either a Euro or MMG connector. All Flexlite GC models enjoy extended consumable parts lifetime.

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TIG welding torch range

Flexlite TX

Flexlite TX welding torches are designed for use with MasterTig welding equipment. The torch range includes several neck models, offering superb cooling performance and good access to challenging joint designs.

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Technical specifications