Designed for the welders with an eye for quality, Kemppi MIG/MAG equipment keeps the technology on the inside, and simple, intuitive control and performance on the outside.


X8 MIG Welder

Advanced system equipment for demanding industrial MIG/MAG welding with an upgradeable power source up to 600 A.The X8 MIG Welder is a multi-process welding solution that redefines welding performance and usability. It includes a digital WPS feature.

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X5 FastMig

360-degree modular multi-process welder primarily focuses on high-performance MIG/MAG welding. X5 FastMig offers setup options for manual, synergic, and pulse welding. A wide range of accessories brings flexibility and efficiency to welding production processes.

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Master M

Master M is a compact welding machine that combines premium welding performance with excellent usability and fast set-up, offering a compact but powerful MIG/MAG welder for manual, synergic, and pulse MIG welding.

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Kempact RA

Compact welder for cost-efficient MIG/MAG welding.

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Kempact MIG

Light-weight MIG/MAG welder with superb arc performance.

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Master M 205 and 323

The Master M 205 and the Master M 323 set new standards for power and performance in a portable MIG welding machine. With a compact, lightweight design that's easy to carry, you'll enjoy having a portable MIG welder that can be moved wherever you need it.

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MinarcMig Evo

Kemppi MIG welder for mobile, adaptive welding in automatic and manual mode.Experience huge MIG/MAG welding capacity and quality in a portable and compact form. The delivery package includes a MIG welding gun, cables, gas hose, and shoulder strap.

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