Freedom to weld


Reliable distance wire feed up to 25 meters

The SuperSnake subfeeder guarantees reliable wire feed assist when welding over long distances. It is a lightweight and durable alternative for carrying around heavy wire feeders or welding with push-pull guns that increase strain on the welder's wrist. Not only does the SuperSnake improve occupational safety, but it also improves productivity in industrial welding. Available in both gas and water-cooled models, the subfeeder can be used with a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous filler wires. Separate cable packages expand your regular work area with up to 25 meters and ensure just the right reach for any welding application.

The product family includes the gas-cooled SuperSnake GT02S and water-cooled SuperSnake GT02SW models with different cable lengths. The newest version of the subfeeder, X8 SuperSnake, is also available for X8 MIG Welder.


More reach compared to a standard MIG welding gun


Faster when setting up, accessing, and preparing to weld


Lightweight and easy to carry wherever needed

SuperSnake GT02S/GT02SW

The award-winning SuperSnake subfeeder is compatible with Kemppi's FastMig and Pro welding equipment and connects to standard Euro MIG welding guns.



Suitable for Fe/SS/Al/FCW/MCW filler wires. Gas and water-cooled cable packages available in 10, 15, 20 and 25 meters.



Clear meter display with stepless adjustment of voltage and wire feed speed.



Award-winning, sleek design that is easy to pull through narrow spaces. Sturdy steel frame provides protection from external blows.



Reliable wire feed mechanism that reduces friction in spiral / DL liner. Includes an internal cabinet light for dimly lit work environments.

Now available for X8 MIG Welder!

X8 SuperSnake GT02XW

The X8 SuperSnake combines the outstanding benefits of the original SuperSnake with the X8 MIG Welder's modern technology. The connection is established with Kemppi Gun Connectors that are compatible with X8 Wire Feeders and X8 MIG Guns.


The X8 SuperSnake features a two-roll version of the X8 Wire Feeder’s powerful wire feed mechanism with firm locking. The consumables are interchangeable and color-coded to ensure the correct combination.


Kemppi Gun Connectors are known for their excellent mechanical and electrical properties, precise arc voltage measurement and support for all of Kemppi’s Wise special processes.


The wireless Control Pad allows the welder to make parameter adjustments right at the weld joint. The subfeeder also supports X8 Gun Remote Control when it is installed to the welding gun.


The strong protective frame and base plate are included as standard for maximum protection in even the toughest workshop conditions. Detachable cables can be easily replaced if they are damaged.

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