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Slamex is a Finnish fabrication workshop located in the lakeside town of Lahti. The company is a part of the Econet Group that has its headquarters in Helsinki. Slamex designs and manufactures equipment for the treatment of water – wastewater as well as dewatering of sludge. It has a strong focus on product development for water technology solutions to achieve more serialized standard products for ever higher product quality.

In 2016, Slamex’ turnover was 4 million euros. The company provides solutions to both domestic and global companies operating in the energy, food, pharmaceutical, and process industries. At its Lahti facilities, Slamex employs 20 welders. Innovative welding in production enables the use of new and improved base materials, such as stainless and acid-resisting steel, which counter the use of chemicals in water treatment.

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Lahti, Finland

Quality with no compromises: At Slamex, welding solutions are optimized to meet the product quality requirements of demanding conditions. Kemppi’s FastMig X performs perfectly to this end by enabling the use of improved base materials while accommodating lean production and increasing competitiveness.

Main challenge

In the past, the water treatment industry used mild steel products. Today, new base materials, such as stainless and acid-resistant steel provide low maintenance, up to 20 years, in conditions where the corrosive effect is strong. This calls for excellent quality of welding in production. In short, Slamex was looking for a partner to develop lean and efficient production methods while making no compromises on high welding quality.

For us, Kemppi was a natural choice for provider of welding solutions. We receive valuable support for improving our production and welding processes. FastMig X welding equipment has boosted production efficiency and ensures the high quality of welds in our end products.

Janne Hiironen, Plant Director, Slamex

Kemppi's solution

In close cooperation with Kemppi, the welding solutions in Slamex’ production were optimized to meet their customers’ most demanding operational environments. During the process, Kemppi provided FastMig X welding equipment for test use in production. The equipment was allocated to the welding processes under development. Slamex’ welders were heavily involved in all planning and provided feedback. With the welders satisfied with FastMig X and its performance, the versatile equipment has been taken into use also in other projects.

With FastMig X, the quality of end products has been enhanced and customers’ schedules have been met with precision. Kemppi’s welding equipment and software products, such as Arc Mobile Control, have provided Slamex with an agile solution to streamline production. Welders have welcomed Arc Mobile Control for the handy mobile phone monitoring of the welding process in real time as well as saving and documenting welding parameters and quality factors. FastMig X enables the use of improved welding materials and less filler materials, which decreases production costs and improves overall competitiveness.

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High-class multi-process solution for diverse demanding welding applications.

High-class multi-process solution for diverse demanding welding applications.


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Optimized short arc process for productive root pass welding with FastMig X.

Excellent weld quality through control of arc voltage and timing of filler metal droplet transfer. Gives higher speed than Stick (MMA), TIG or MIG/MAG short arc welding.


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