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Is Minarc T 223 ACDC suitable for professional, high-quality welding?

Minarc T 223 ACDC is designed for professional users, delivering excellent ignition and arc stability in all welding applications. The easy-to-use design also supports semi-professional and serious craft welders.

Is Minarc T 223 ACDC a gas-cooled or water-cooler welding machine?

Minarc T 223 ACDC has a modular design and can be configured as either a gas-cooled or water-cooled TIG welding machine. If you purchase the Minarc T 223 ACDC as a gas-cooled package and your welding circumstances change, you can upgrade using the Kemppi Master Cooler 05M water cooler and water-cooled Flexlite TX TIG torch. 

Can you fit a remote control to the Minarc T 223 ACDC?

Minarc T 223 ACDC offers both hand and foot remote control options. The FR41 foot remote control provides bench welders with ignition and precise current control for challenging welding applications. Optionally, you can also choose a roller type (TXR 10) or rocker type (TXR 20) current control switch for your Flexlite TX TIG welding torch.

What is MAX WeldClean process?

MAX WeldClean is a fast and efficient electrolytic process for cleaning oxides and discoloration from the surface of welds, and it's included as standard in Minarc T 223 ACDC. Particularly efficient on stainless steel, MAX WeldClean can also be used to remove welding oxides from steel and aluminum welds. The process is easy and fast to use. Select the MAX WeldClean symbol in your Minarc T 223 ACDC control panel and convert your existing TIG torch to a cleaning brush using a MAX WeldClean accessory kit. You’re now ready to perfect your welds effortlessly.

Other than TIG does Minarc T 223 ACDC include other welding processes?

Minarc T 223 ACDC includes several processes as standard. TIG in both DC and AC, MMA/stick welding, plus a new process for cleaning oxides and discoloration from the surface of welds, called MAX WeldClean.

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