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Is the MinarcMig Auto easy to use and set for welding?

MinarcMig 190 and 220 Auto are extremely easy to use in manual or automatic mode. Select the material type and plate thickness in automatic mode and start welding. It’s that simple!

Does MinarcMig Auto include any special welding features?

MinarcMig 190 and 220 Auto feature adaptive control, regulating the welding arc quality for optimal welding results.

Is the MinarcMig Auto ready to weld?

MinarcMig 190 and 220 Auto models are ready assembled for welding. The Flexlite GC welding torch is mounted to the machine and includes the optional gun handle, making certain welding positions more comfortable. 

How much does MinarcMig Auto weigh?

All MinarcMig Auto models weigh only 13kg without accessories. They are portable and easy to take with you to any welding work.

Mains and generator use, what do I need to do if anything?

The minimum power for the generator is 4.2 kVA with limited output, and the recommended power is 8.0 kVA for the machine to be used at maximum capacity.

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