MasterTig and Flexlite awarded with the Red Dot Product Design Award

Kemppi’s MasterTig welding equipment and Flexlite TX welding torch have been awarded with the distinguished Red Dot Product Design Award. Both solutions are developed and designed in Finland and represent the utmost user experience and ergonomy.

MasterTig – Far from the ordinary

Kemppi’s MasterTig sets new standards for weld quality, usability, and power efficiency in AC and DC TIG welding. Designed for professional welders, the MasterTig product family’s modular design philosophy allows to build the specification that best meets welder’s needs, including alternative control panels, wireless remote controls, and transport cart options.

The MasterTig is a compact-sized welding equipment constructed from tough yet lightweight injection molded plastic, featuring impact bridge protection structures. The equipment is at the same time stylish, practical and robust.

Flexlite TX – Ignite your passion for welding

Flexlite TX welding torches for TIG welding feature excellent technical performance, extended consumables life, and everyday welding comfort. Durable silicone rubber material gives a firm grip while the torch handle's innovative design reduces wrist loading, allowing welders to concentrate on challenging tasks to achieve the perfect weld.

Available in alternative power classes and lengths, the Flexlite TX TIG torch range includes different neck versions for water and gas-cooled models. On-torch remote control options allow accurate and immediate welding current adjustment at a distance.

Focus on user experience and ergonomy

Kemppi brings together experts of electronics, mechanics, welding, industrial and service design, and commercialization to introduce relevant value for different industries. Kemppi co-creates with customers and actively participates in international research projects.

“Since the very beginning of Kemppi’s history, Kemppi products have been designed for welders. The ease-of-use, user-friendliness and comfort of use are the core characteristics in mind of Kemppi’s designers. The equipment focuses on ergonomy and adaptability on the user environment”, tells Jari Kettunen, Kemppi’s Design Manager.  

“In welding equipment, creating a good and innovative design goes far beneath the surface. The equipment must be practical, functional, ergonomic, safe, reliable and cost effective – while still maintaining an aesthetic appeal. This user-oriented design philosophy is something that Kemppi’s designers and engineers have successfully managed to apply to every machine designed since the company was founded in 1949”, continues Omkar More, Kemppi’s Chief Designer.

Investment to design has brought Kemppi as the first company in the field of welding several international design awards. In 2006 MinarcMig Adaptive 180 received the Red Dot Design Award, and in 2009 FitWeld 300 welding machine and SuperSnake GT02S subfeeder received the Red Dot Honourable Mentions. In 2012 Kempact RA product family received the international iF Design Award. Nowadays, 10% of Kemppi annual turnover goes to R&D activities. User experience is at the core of all product development.

For additional information, please contact:

Jari Kettunen
Design Manager, Concept & UX Design
Tel: +358 44 2899 562
[email protected]

Omkar More
Chief Designer, Concepts and UX Design
tel. +358 44 2899 653
[email protected]

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About Red Dot

The international design competition, the “Red Dot Design Award”, is aimed at the companies who would like to distinguish their business activities through design. 
The award breaks down into three disciplines: the Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept. Each competition is organised once every year. The products, communication projects as well as design concepts and prototypes entered in the competition are evaluated by the Red Dot Jury consisting of specialists of different areas.
The award-winning designs are presented in the Red Dot Design Museums, in the online presentation and in the Red Dot Design Yearbook.


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