Prepare yourself for a new era in industrial welding with Kemppi’s solutions

EuroBLECH 2016 (hall 13, F126): Kemppi launches three new solutions that redefine performance and usability, the health and safety of welders, and welding management capabilities in extreme industrial welding production.

For industrial welding systems, Kemppi presents a premium, multifunctional welding solution, the X8 MIG Welder, which allows for excellent welding performance and usability through new, extreme innovations in welding hardware and software. It has never been faster, easier or smarter to change system and welding settings, adjust and control welding values, or view WPS content. The new technology unleashes the enormous potential of the IoT and connectivity.

For the health and safety of welders, Kemppi has redesigned the welders’ personal protective equipment and has optimized mobile solutions. The new GAMMA GTH3 welder respirator combines comfort with the highest TH3 level of breathing protection. The portable and cordless welding machine Minarc Cordless 150 C has been designed for the most demanding welding tasks to bring freedom and the joy of working to maintenance welding. Both the X8 MIG Welders and Minarc Cordless 150 C welding machines are made in Finland.

All new solutions become available for customers in 2017.

For welding management, Kemppi has recently introduced WeldEye – a unique, cloud-based welding management software. WeldEye enables the use of digital WPS, eliminates welding with incorrect parameters, provides full transparency into welding production and reduces the time spent on welding documentation dramatically. This increases the overall quality of welding and streamlines production management.

For automated welding, Kemppi’s state-of-the-art solution, the A7 MIG Welder 450, is a complete, perfectly balanced process package which can be integrated with any robot brand.

Kemppi at EuroBLECH 2016

Kemppi’s new X8 MIG Welder takes industrial multi-process welding to new extremes

Welding is becoming more and more challenging as new materials have greater strength, higher corrosion resistance and other performance-enhancing properties. Kemppi’s new X8 MIG Welder is engineered to meet even the most extreme expectations of industrial welding and to cover a wide variety of materials.

The X8 MIG Welder is a multi-process system for MIG/MAG welding, MIG brazing, cladding and gouging with extreme power and accuracy, using the most common electrical network voltages. Every aspect of the solution is designed to meet the best usability practices. The solution consists of Kemppi’s unique high-duty and upgradeable power source with an all-in-one wire feeder, ergonomic welding guns, intelligent software, and a wireless Control Pad for total welding control. The wireless Control Pad allows the welder to easily find the relevant WPS, view the content and activate it to start welding.

Connecting the X8 MIG Welder to the WeldEye cloud service gives access to Kemppi’s unique management tools for both the welding work and documentation. Digital WPS is a smart feature of the system which ensures that the welder always has the relevant and latest version of WPS at hand by providing detailed WPS information on the Control Pad’s display. This revolutionizes WPS management in welding production from both the welder’s and the welding coordinator’s point of view.

GAMMA GTH3 offers tough and practical protection for welders

Kemppi’s new GAMMA GTH3 respirators for welders offer premium levels of protection and comfort for welding and related tasks. Even in demanding, low light conditions, the GAMMA GTH3 delivers the solution, lighting the way while safely shielding the wearer from harmful airborne contaminants. All GAMMA GTH3 models offer the highest TH3 level of respiratory protection and integrate new Comflex system technology.

The GTH3 improves the wearer’s everyday work conditions and enhances productivity and personal safety. Innovative and practical work-based solutions include integrated LED BriteSafe work lights, LiFE+ color ADF welding lenses, fast-charge SD and HD Li-Ion batteries, Hypolite face seal fabric, and ClickLenz visor protection.

Minarc Cordless 150 C packs the power for cordless off-grid welding

The Minarc Cordless 150 C is a battery-powered, cordless welding machine that neatly packs your welding power to a convenient, portable solution. Ready-to-weld anywhere anytime, the Minarc Cordless 150 C MMA cell pack frees site welders from the restrictions and safety issues of main power voltage cables and engine-powered generators. Weighing less than 10 kilograms, you can carry everything you need to the work site in one easy trip. But if you need to get to workshop-based welding tasks, just clip the Minarc Cordless 150 C into the Fueldock charging station and weld in the HYBRID mode – simply magic. Adding this new solution in your welding kit makes the freedom and safety of welding ‘off-grid’ possible.

The WeldEye welding management software gives significant savings and insight

WeldEye is a universal solution to manage welding production. It dramatically decreases the time spent on documentation and gives everyone involved in welding processes unprecedented insight into the work being done. The cloud-based software gives real-time insight into the performance of welders and the progress of projects as well as 100% traceable compliance with welding procedures, regardless of which brand’s welding equipment is being used.

The WeldEye software has the widest coverage of different welding-related processes in the market, regardless of industry. It has proven its performance in shipbuilding, oil and gas, automotive, construction, and machine manufacturing.

For additional information, please contact:

X8 MIG Welder:
Dr. Petteri Jernström, Director, Product Management and Technology Services

GAMMA GTH3 and Minarc Cordless 150 C:
John Frost, Product Manager; Managing Director, Kemppi UK

Tuomas Kivisaari, Software Product Manager


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