Easy to use programming device

For Kemppi high-tech welding equipment

Kemppi DataGun is a programming device that is used together with Kemppi DataStore online shop to purchase and install welding software and upgrades to your Kemppi welding machines.

In the DataStore online shop, you can purchase Kemppi welding software such as Wise and Match products, welding programs etc. and download them to your DataGun to be installed in your welding machines.


To check the version of your DataGun, select About DataGun in Help menu. To update your DataGun version, do the following:

  1. Download the update from above.
  2. Either select “Run” to start DataGun Update Utility or save the exe file to your disk and double click it to start the utility
  3. Follow the instructions

NOTE: Attach the DataGun to your computer’s USB port before you start the update.

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Repair and maintenance

Repair and maintenance

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