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MIG welding with the reliable and efficient Kempact RA welders

In order to meet the demanding requirements of world-famous automotive manufacturers, Proton Engineering took Kemppi's Kempact RA welding equipment into use and became convinced of their reliability, functionality, and efficiency in their welding production.

Previously known by the names of Anders Krahner and Skillmech, Proton Engineering is a Swedish engineering expert in pipe and sheet metal construction. The company operates under Proton Group and specializes in producing qualified components and steel structures that involve pipe bending, end forming, sheet metal work and welding.

Proton Engineering offers comprehensive engineering solutions from prototype and series production to assembly, and operates as a subcontractor to the automotive and engineering industries. Currently, Proton Engineering employs 20 skilled welders along with an automated welding fleet consisting of several robots and some mechanization solutions. Together they form the company's core expertise.

Proton Engineering
General mechanical engineering
Skillingaryd, Sweden
Kemppi's solution
Base material
Ss, Fe
The usability and welding characteristics of Kempact RA in 0,8 mm solid wire totally fulfils the requirements in basic applications, and our welders could not agree more!

Jan-Åke Knutsson, Production Manager, Proton Engineering

Main challenge

As a manufacturer of high-quality components, Proton Engineering is especially proud of supplying the world-famous automotive companies Volvo and Scania. Such partnerships set their standards on welding and require on-time deliveries. In order to fulfil the demanding welding needs as productively as possible, Proton turned to Kemppi for reliable and efficient welding equipment in replacing older models.

Kemppi's solution

Following the Kempact RA launch in 2012, Proton took the Kempact 253A and 323A models quickly into use and was one of the first end customers in Sweden to whom the welding machines were delivered. The award-winning welding equipment convinced Proton with their easy usability, reliability, and efficiency that contributed to the overall productivity of the production process.

Satisfied with their performance, Proton now has 10 Kempact RA machines in daily use for suitable applications. For more demanding welding performed on Volvo dumpers, loaders and various aluminum applications Proton makes use of advanced Kemppi welding solutions such as FastMig and MasterTig welders.

Featured solutions

Kempact RA

Compact welder for cost-efficient MIG/MAG welding.

Compact welder for cost-efficient MIG/MAG welding.

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Kemppi is the design leader of the arc welding industry. We are committed to boosting the quality and productivity of welding by continuous development of the welding arc and by working for greener and more equal world. Kemppi supplies sustainable products, digital solutions, and services for professionals from industrial welding companies to single contractors. The usability and reliability of our products is our guiding principle. We operate with a highly skilled partner network covering over 70 countries to make its expertise locally available. Headquartered in Lahti, Finland, Kemppi employs close to 800 professionals in 16 countries and has a revenue of 195 MEUR in 2022.

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