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Where can I get service and/or consumable parts for Kemppi equipment?

You can get service and consumables from your nearest Kemppi representative. Please see our representatives near you.

Your equipment FAQ

Where is my nearest service workshop?

Please see the contact map for repair and service workshops.

How do I change the liner for a Kemppi MIG welding gun?

  1. Straighten the gun cable pack
  2. Remove the jacket nut from the Euro connector’s end by using a 10mm spanner 
  3. Remove the retainer cone
  4. Remove the liner by pulling it by hand 
  5. Install the new liner and check from the neck’s end that the liner has reached the neck all the way 
  6. Remove the gas nozzle and contact tip to see the liner’s end 
  7. Cut a steel liner with side-cutting plyers and file the end of the liner. Cut a Chili liner with a carpet knife. The cutting dimension is on the jacket nut. 
  8. Install the retainer cone 
  9. Install the jacket nut and tighten it firmly by using a 10mm spanner 

How do I change the contact tip?

First, remove the gas nozzleThe contact tip can be changed by using an 8mm spanner. Remember to tighten the contact tip firmly. 

How do I change the gas nozzle?

Most of the Flexlite GX MIG welding guns have a gas nozzle with thread fixing. Remove the old gas nozzle and install new one manually. 

What is the difference between steel and DL Chili liners?

A steel liner is suitable for ferrous wire welding, both for solid and cored filler wires. 

A Chili liner is a plastic liner and creates less friction against filler wires, and it is especially suitable for stainless steel and aluminum filler wires. 

Do my Flexlite GX torch spare parts and consumables fit into GXe MIG torch models?

  1. All current MIG welding torch consumables are compatible with the GXe torch. Flexlite GXe uses Life+ contact tips and HD gas nozzles on a standard setup, but all the consumables are interchangeable.
  2. From the spare part point of view, water-cooled necks and gas-cooled HD necks from the GX range can be fitted into GXe. Non-compatible spare parts and accessories are triggers, remotes, pistol grips, heat shields, and standard gas-cooled necks.

Does Flexlite GXe MIG torch have higher ampere ranges or duty cycles?

Standardized ampere ranges and duty cycles are equal. GXe has higher resistance against temporary overload due to the improved structure. Overload usage is not recommended.

Are Flexlite GX and Flexlite GXe MIG welding torches the same size?

No, they are not. The GXe’s handle is smaller in every direction. Especially the trigger distance is reduced. GXe torch neck is thinner and 5-15 mm longer to get the best accessibility.

Which welding machines support GXe MIG torch remote controls?

  1. GRe50 analog remote control is compatible with all Kemppi welding machines with remote support except for the X8 MIG Welder.
  2. GRe50 remote control works in every Series 5 GXe MIG welding torch.
  3. GRe80 display remote control is compatible with the Master M 350 series and the X5 FastMig product family.
  4. GRe80 display remote requires a Series 8 GXe MIG torch with additional control Amphenol.

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