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Where can I get service and/or consumable parts for Kemppi equipment?

You can get service and consumables from your nearest Kemppi representative. Please see our representatives near you.

How can I find the closest Kemppi service workshop near me?

You can find the closest repair workshop from our map search.

What kind of a warranty does Kemppi equipment have?

Kemppi welding equipment is designed and tested for professional industrial environments. As a guarantee of high quality, we offer our customers a global warranty up to three years. 

For full details, see Kemppi Warranty.

Where can I find manuals for old welding machine models not in production?

Up-to-date user manuals for your Kemppi welding equipment is available in Kemppi Userdoc.

Your equipment FAQ

For some reason, my machine struggles to run cellulosic electrodes. Does Kemppi have welding machines designed for cellulosic electrodes?

Cellulosic electrodes are typically very difficult to run on standard welding machines. This is due to the higher voltage levels required to maintain the welding arc, due to hydrogen present in the shielding gases, created through-burning of the electrode coating constituents.

Kemppi Master 315 has been designed for all welding electrode types, including cellulosic electrodes, and features, specially designed electrical performance to reliably run cellulosic electrodes types.

How do I know what welding current to set with which electrode?

It can be challenging to know immediately what current or power to set for a given electrode type, size, or application – even for experienced welders.

Master 315 includes a special feature called Weld Assist, that guides the welder to suitable parameters.

Weld Assist takes the guesswork out of the stick welding (MMA) parameter setting and ensuring a suitable parameter setup. Simply follow on-screen steps, by selecting the electrode type, electrode size, and joint type and hit your best parameters with ease. Perfect for pWPS creation.

My stick welding tasks can demand that I am far away from the welding machine, sometimes up high on work platforms. Can I change the welding power level during welding, using a remote control?

We know that stick welding (MMA) power selection at a distance can be challenging, as you never know what length of remote cable will be needed.

Master 315 includes HR45 wireless remote control, allowing power and channel setting adjustments at a distance, even up to 100m. The magic of cordless remote control eliminates the need for remote cable repairs and improves worksite safety, making welding life easier.

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