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Kemppi company FAQ

Curious to find out more about us? No problem, we have answered some of the questions that are most frequently asked. If you still want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

What does Kemppi mean?

Kemppi is a Finnish last name. You might also know Kemppi (Psylloidea) as a little bug that thrives near apples and carrots. And also, it's a name of a welding pioneer company, but you already knew that!

What does the Kemppi icon mean?

The round, droplet-like shape of Kemppi’s icon symbolizes the fundamental arc transfer of filler material to the weld pool. The controlled execution of this process in varied environments and with different filler materials defines the expertise that Kemppi offers in advanced welding solutions.

What does the promise, "And you know" mean?

"And you know" is the value you get, when choosing Kemppi. You know the right welding procedures, methods and equipment for each application. You have a 360-degree-view and data of your profit, project and results across multiple sites. And you know you always get the best possible solution for your needs.

Why does Kemppi talk about value levels?

Our value level way of thinking ensures that we can always offer a right fit to your need.

Is Kemppi private or a public company?

Kemppi is a private, family-owned company, headed by the 3rd generation of Kemppi family.

How many patents does Kemppi have?

At the moment we own 34 patent families (incl. design rights).

In how many countries does Kemppi operate?

We sell our equipment, software and services globally. You can buy our products and services from 70 different countries around the world. See which location is near you.

Is Kemppi active in every continent?

Almost. We have operations in every continent except in North-America.

Who does Kemppi serve?

We serve, where arc welding is needed. Thanks to our different value levels and wide range of different products, we are able to serve customers in manual welding, mechanized welding, automated welding and in much more.

What kind of products or services does Kemppi sell?

We offer a wide range of product and services. We sell MIG, TIG and Stick equipment (MMA) for manual, mechanized and automated welding, Welding management software, application software, welding programs as well as WPSs, training, consultation, maintenance services.

Does Kemppi sell plasma cutters, products designed for underwater welding or for submerged arc welding?

No, we do not. We are specialized in arc welding equipment, excluding SAW and offer a wide range of products in this area.

What does A7 mean?

The letter A stands for automation and number 7 stands for the value level. Value level 7 means that the equipment in this level are equipped with intelligence and they are most suitable in demanding welding applications.

Where can I buy Kemppi products?

We sell our equipment, software and services globally. You can buy our products from 70 different countries around the world. For a closer look, view contacts section of this website.

Why doesn’t Kemppi sell products in USA?

Kemppi’s product range has limited access to used connection voltages in USA.

What social media channels does Kemppi use?

We are active in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Wordpress.


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