Trusted and certified

Proven welding expertise you can count on

One of our principle values at Kemppi is honesty. It guides all of our operations from inside out, extending all the way to our end customers. We are proud of what we have accomplished with straightforward business, which has been audited and certified according to numerous globally recognized standards by external parties. With Kemppi, you know that you can count on our expertise and the quality of our solutions.

    Quality in all of its forms has always been at the core of Kemppi’s operations. See Kemppi's quality policy. Since 1990, we have received certification for our Quality Management System in accordance to ISO 9001.
    Green technology and environmental awareness are a strong feature of our business model. See Kemppi's environmental policy. Kemppi’s Environmental Management System is certified according to ISO 14001.
    You can trust us to know the challenges of your business. Kemppi's Welding Services team is IWS/IWE qualified and our welding instructors have the ISO 9606-1 qualification. We are also active in ISO standardization committees.
    When working for us, we have you covered. See Kemppi's occupational health and safety policy. Kemppi's occupational safety program is certified according to ISO 45001.
    Recognizing our social responsibility, in all our operations we take account of the aspects such as sustainability, equality of opportunity, charity and good business ethics, to mention but a few. See Kemppi's corporate social responsibility policy.
Kemppi is a great partner for the welding industry, because we truly understand our customers’ business. Our team's IWS/IWE and ISO 9606-1 qualifications are trustworthy guarantees of high-quality welding services.

Reetta Verho, Manager, Welding Services, Kemppi

Our expertise at your service

The most important measure of quality at Kemppi is customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver solutions that are reliable, functional, and easy to use. Our strong expertise in productive welding solutions for the benefit of your business is always at your service.

Kemppi’s welding-related operations, ranging from welding research and the development of welding equipment arc properties to the demonstration of welding equipment and welding consultancy provide you with top notch expertise in any situation. The quality of our solutions is based on our skilled and professional personnel. Kemppi welding instructors and engineers hold IWS and IWE qualifications approved and audited by the International Institute of Welding (IIW). In addition, our welding instructors are qualified welders according to the ISO 9606-1 standard. With all of this, you know that you are in good hands.

Safe and reliable arc welding

 CE marking is a manufacturer’s declaration that indicates a product’s compliance with applicable European directives. The fulfilment of the above mentioned criteria is indicated with a CE mark that is attached to the equipment. Abusive use of the CE marking is subject to prosecution.

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) defines the effects of electromagnetic emissions and immunity. In practice, this means that:

  • arc welding equipment shall not emit electromagnetic disturbances, potentially causing malfunctions in other types of equipment (e.g. elevators, cranes, power tools, and information and telecommunication equipment) that could lead to serious consequences
  • arc welding equipment shall be resistant to electromagnetic disturbances emitted by other types of equipment or coming from the mains.

Kemppi welding equipment has fulfilled all of these requirements since January 1, 1996. Testing is conducted both at Kemppi laboratories and certified European testing facilities.


Technical specifications