Kemppi history

Welding revolution for over 65 years

An open-minded attitude and strong entrepreneurship have been in Kemppi’s DNA since the beginning. When combined with genuine belief in people and technology, the elements of growth are in place.


Product development milestones


Launch of Kemppi ARC System 3 and FastMig X


The Quality Innovation of the Year for Kemppi DataStore


Launch of the Kemppi Arc System™


The red dot Design Award for MinarcMIG™ Adaptive 180


The first manufacturer in the world to go from analogue to digital welding technology


The 3rd generation IGBT transistor based inverters and solutions


Launch of the Multisystem for the entire-multi-process-welding


The world's first inverter power source


The very first MIG/MAG welding machine

Story of Martti Kemppi

Martti Kemppi, the founder of Kemppi Oy, spent his youth in Vyborg (then in Finland, now a city in Russia) in the 1920s and 30s. In those days, Vyborg was a lively center of international trade. The son of a crofter, Martti Kemppi learned the importance of initiative and doing things himself early on. His entrepreneurial attitude combined with the dynamic living environment of Vyborg formed the foundation for the life values which would later build the international success of Kemppi Oy.

The foundation of Veljekset Kemppi Oy

After leaving Karelia, the Kemppi family settled in Lahti. In no time, the hard-working Kemppi brothers had established an enterprise. Veljekset Kemppi Oy was founded on May 23, 1949. At first, the company operated in a workshop in the family backyard and manufactured many kinds of utensils, such as cement, milk carts, special soil spades, sauna stoves and, naturally, welding transformers.

At the time, there was a shortage of everything and obtaining raw materials was difficult. Nevertheless, the company started to thrive – thanks to inventiveness and hard work. In the 1950s, the development of the first welding rectifier started. The basic planning principle of “discarding all extras from the machines as much as possible while retaining superior welding features” was born.



  • Establishment of Kemppi’s APAC organization and business hub in Kuala Lumpur
  • Opening of the company’s own production in Chennai, India
  • Acquisition of WeldIndustry in 2013 



  • Acquisition of JPP-Soft Oy in 2009
  • Opening of the subsidiary in Russia and the new electronics factory in Finland
  • Company’s own representative office in China
  • Over 100 MEUR turnover and over 500 employees
  • Anssi Rantasalo became the CEO of Kemppi Oy in 2002
  • The ISO 14001 environmental management certification in 2001
  • The millionth welding machine Master MLS 2500 manufactured in 2001
  • Opening of the subsidiary in Poland in 2001



  • Opening of the subsidiary in Australia in 1999
  • Establishment of the central warehouse in Germany
  • Expansion of the sales network to Asia and Eastern Europe
  • The first ISO 9001 quality certificate in the welding industry 1990



  • Eight new sales offices were founded – the UK in 1980, Norway in 1981, the Netherlands and France in 1984, West Germany in 1985, Belgium in 1987, and Denmark in 1988
  • Rationalization and automation of production
  • Establishment of Kemppi's inverter technology as the radical innovation changing industry standards
  • First deliveries to China in 1986
  • Finnish Quality Award of Excellence in 1986



  • Exports exceeding domestic sales in 1978
  • Opening of a subsidiary in Sweden in 1972
  • Sales representation established in Chile
  • Strong increase in the production of large series



  • Name change from “Veljekset Kemppi Oy” to “Kemppi Oy” in 1968
  • New production facilities in Okeroinen, Lahti in 1967
  • Export to 20 countries
  • The Finnish President’s Export Award



  • Hiring the first professional engineer to take responsibility for product development
  • First export sales to Turkey, Thailand, Nigeria, Peru, Chile, and Singapore

Three Kemppi generations

The origins of Kemppi Oy date back to 1949 when Mr. Martti Kemppi founded Veljekset Kemppi Oy in Lahti, Finland.

The second Kemppi generation took the lead in the fastest growing company in Finland in the 1980s. Mr. Jouko Kemppi became the company’s CEO and Mr. Martti Kemppi continued as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Hannu Kemppi was appointed as the head of financial administration, whereas Mrs. Eija Vartiainen took over the human resources development.

The third Kemppi generation takes charge

The third generation of Kemppi rose to leadership in spring 2014, when Mrs. Teresa Kemppi-Vasama became the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kemppi Oy and Mr. Antti Kemppi became the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kemppi Group. This accelerated the internationalization of Kemppi even further and has already introduced several new market entries, such as the universal welding management software Kemppi ARC System 3, and the most advanced MIG machine, FastMig X.


Technical specifications