The Whistleblowing service is an important tool to foster high business ethics and maintain customers and stakeholders' trust in our business.

The Whistleblowing service is an early warning system to reduce fraud, corruption and other risks, and an important tool to maintain customers and stakeholders' trust in our business. Whistleblowing is available for employees, customers, and stakeholders. All Kemppi employees are obligated to follow our ethical policies and rules.

It is possible to make an anonymous report using Whistleblowing. The channel is administrated by WhistleB, an impartial service provider that safeguards the anonymous handling of reports. Neither Kemppi nor WhistleB can identify or track the source of a report unless you provide your contact details. WhistleB does not save metadata related to a whistleblower report and cannot track the IP address of a whistleblower. The anonymous whistleblower gets an ID and a password before submitting their report. The whistleblower can log in and read responses from the Whistleblow team and send messages back.

Whistleblowing is a tool to report serious suspicions of misconduct in good faith.

Thank you for helping Kemppi be a company that promotes high business ethics.



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