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The Kemppi FastMig family celebrates its client base of 100,000 happy welders worldwide. This is why we are offering the FastMig X 450 pulsed MIG/MAG package at a very special price.

The package includes a heavy-duty, double skin wire feeder and premium welding software bundle, including Wise special welding processes. Ask your dealer for a free test and trial at your worksite.

Get the FastMig X 450 pulsed MIG/MAG package at a special price of €6,800 €. Price excludes VAT. This offer is valid from the 21st of March to the 31st of August 2022.

Campaign package details

  • The excellent MIG/MAG focused X 450
  • 60% duty cycle power source
  • Heavy-duty double skin wire feeder
  • Premium welding software bundle, including three Wise special processes

Premium Work Pack welding software upgrade with WiseFusion, WiseRoot+, and WisePenetration. Wise special welding processes boost productivity by improving welding speed and welding control. These processes lower heat input by reducing welding spatter, material distortion, and post-welding cleaning times. (Wise licenses are worth €2,672)

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Technical information

  • 6103450 FastMig X 450 Power Source
  • 6103530 WFX 300 Wire Feeder (2022 upgrade spec inc. premium WORK PACK welding software, plus AVC lead)
  • 9991014 WiseFusion
  • 9990418 WiseRoot+
  • 9991000 WisePenetration
  • F000324 FE Wire Feeder kit
  • 6260473 FastMig X 70-1.8-WH interconnection set
  • 6068200 Cool X Water Cooling Unit
  • 6185291 PM 500 Transport Unit
  • GX403W5 400A 5 m welding gun
  • 6184711 Earth cable 70 mm ², 5 m

Technical specifications