Suomen Levyprofiili

Sheet metal construction professional

Productive welding with FastMig X and WiseFusion

Founded in 1998, Suomen Levyprofiili Oy has quickly become an important manufacturer of sheet metal structures in Finland. From the very beginning, the company has invested in modern technology and expanded their production facilities in pace with their growth. At present, Suomen Levyprofiili has 7,000 m² of production floor and 100 employees, 40 of whom are welders. On its premises in Joensuu, the company does laser cutting, edging, welding, surface treatment and final assembly. The welded structures made by Suomen Levyprofiili vary widely from palm-sized brackets to demanding support structures for forest machinery and to fuel and hydraulic tanks for mining equipment.

Suomen Levyprofiili aims to build long-term customer relationships and produce easily manageable comprehensive solutions for their customers by assuming full responsibility for the manufacturing of sub-assemblies. The customers of Suomen Levyprofiili include major international companies such as John Deere Forestry and Sandvik Mining and Construction.

General mechanical engineering

Joensuu, Finland

Productive welding with WiseFusion: Suomen Levyprofiili wanted to improve their efficiency and meet the increased customer requirements. With Kemppi’s intelligent WiseFusion welding function, Suomen Levyprofiili was able to increase welding speed and thus overall productivity by 10%.

Main challenge

Customer requirements regarding quality are ever increasing and the sheet metal structure market sees constant changes, resulting in higher demands on both welders and the welding equipment. In addition to durability, the visual aspects and qualities of sheet metal structures have become more important than ever before. Suomen Levyprofiili is continuously exploring for new ways to fulfill customer expectations and to increase productivity.

In 1998, the very beginning, we started welding with Kemppi welding equipment. We have found the equipment to be good and reliable, and the service and supply chains are outstanding.

Pekka Leminen, Purchasing Manager, Suomen Levyprofiili

Kemppi's solution

To increase productivity with intelligent welding equipment, Suomen Levyprofiili started out by testing the WiseFusion optimized welding function on one of its FastMig Pulse (nowadays FastMig X Regular) machines. WiseFusion produces a very narrow and energy dense welding arc, which makes welding faster and the heat input lower. It also ensures optimal arc length and eliminates the need for constant parameter settings.

As the function proved to be very practical and efficiency-improving, it was quickly acquired for every FastMig of the company. The benefits of the utilization of intelligent welding equipment and Kemppi application software included an estimated 10% increase in productivity, and more specifically enabled the production of five pieces of a certain product per work shift instead of the previous four pieces. The WiseFusion function increased welding speed in all welding operations.

The welders of Suomen Levyprofiili have adopted WiseFusion extremely well. The welders give Kemppi welding equipment and WiseFusion credit for being easy to use and making the processes more efficient. Using high-end welding technology ensures that Suomen Levyprofiili is able to fulfill customer expectations and to increase productivity. The constant product development at Kemppi as well as outstanding service and supply chains guarantee that Suomen Levyprofiili stays on top of its game.

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