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Optimized MIG/MAG welding with Kemppi Wise processes

Welding is a critical function at A. Häggblom. For industrial MIG/MAG welding A. Häggblom uses Kemppi’s synergic FastMig M equipment together with WiseFusion and WisePenetration special processes that help to overcome low heat input challenges and improve the efficiency and welding performance.

Ab A. Häggblom Oy is a modern engineering workshop founded in 1954 manufacturing high-quality track systems and mining equipment. The comprehensive service chain covers everything from a customer-based needs assessment to product design, as well as manufacturing and flexible maintenance services, including wear and spare parts. Currently A. Häggblom has three business units in Finland, and altogether they employ 110 persons of which 50% are welders.

Being a flexible, innovative and versatile company has made A. Häggblom the market leader in Finland, and a significant operator in Northern Europe. Strong expertise and lengthy experience in the industry, together with the largest warehouse in the market, guarantee bright future expectations for the company.  

A. Häggblom Oy
General mechanical engineering
Kalajoki, Finland
Base material
Ss, Fe
The quality is what matters most. With Kemppi equipment the adjustments are easily made which contributes to a high-quality end result. At the same time, the equipment is reliable so that we are not wasting time or money on reparations and unwanted manufacturing breaks.

Aki Leppälä, Production Foreman, A. Häggblom Oy

Balancing the challenges of heat input

The most welded materials at A. Häggblom are Strenx performance steel, Hardox® wear plate for extreme conditions, and structural steel S355. Special steel sets high quality demands for the welds and challenges the daily welding. The heat input needs to be perfectly refined by the material requirements. Furthermore, the need for low heat input challenges the speed of welding. This also calls for highly experienced professional welders who know their equipment like the back of their hand. The stable and reliable quality of the equipment is a requirement that comes without saying.

Reliable welding equipment optimized by special processes

At A. Häggblom, the FastMig M is considered as the handyman of the workshop; it is suitable for all kinds of MIG/MAG welding tasks and at the same time easy to manouvre and adjust. This light-weight welding system is easy to harness for several duties around the workshop, as the long interconnection cables and transportation units allow for controlled reach, no matter how high or complex the target. This is highly appreciated by the users, as the movability from one welding station to another is a crucial feature for the welding equipment.

The MS control panel includes an easy-to-use synergic functionality combined with a wide variety of additional features for more demanding users. However, the reliability, adjustability and ease-of-use are the most appreciated attributes.

25% of A. Häggblom’s welding fleet is equipped with Reduced Gap Technology (RGT) solution. The intelligent arc control is achieved by utilizing two application software developed by Kemppi: WisePenetration, which keeps the arc power consistent and WiseFusion, which provides adaptive regulation that keeps the arc focused and optimally short. This technology allows reliable and efficient narrow gap welding with no need for special equipment or accessories for material thicknesses of up to 30 mm. Since the user doesn’t need to continuously adjust the welding parameters, there is less hassle and the arc time ratio is higher. RGT also minimizes heat input, which improves impact toughness especially with high-strength steels and reduces deformation, so there is less need for straightening.
The special processes were adopted to A. Häggblom after a thorough testing and validation phase of different joint designs and penetrations. The stable and efficient penetration and the end result convinced, and nowadays RGT is commonly used in every-day welding. Likewise, using the special processes reduces different joint designs and optimizes the welding process itself.

Featured solutions

FastMig M

The industrial multi-process welding solution in modular format. FastMig M is a combi...

The industrial multi-process welding solution in modular format. FastMig M is a combination of modularity and ease of use, suitable for a wide range of industrial welding applications.


WiseFusion optimized welding function produces a very narrow and energy dense welding...

WiseFusion optimized welding function produces a very narrow and energy dense welding arc making welding faster and heat input lower.


A welding function for ensured penetration in synergic MIG/MAG welding.

A welding function for ensured penetration in synergic MIG/MAG welding.

The forerunner of arc welding

Kemppi is the design leader of the arc welding industry. We are committed to boosting the quality and productivity of welding by continuous development of the welding arc and by working for greener and more equal world. Kemppi supplies sustainable products, digital solutions, and services for professionals from industrial welding companies to single contractors. The usability and reliability of our products is our guiding principle. We operate with a highly skilled partner network covering over 70 countries to make its expertise locally available. Headquartered in Lahti, Finland, Kemppi employs close to 800 professionals in 16 countries and has a revenue of 195 MEUR in 2022.

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