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High quality welding for well completion solutions with Kemppi MasterTig MLS and Controller

Oil and gas wells are probably the most demanding environment for metallic structures. Vast temperature fluctuations, harsh chemicals, high velocity flow rates, and high mechanical loads set their requirements for production. Welltec is a globally operating Danish company that develops and provides well technologies and solutions for the oil and gas industry. The company is dedicated to reducing environmental risks, fuel consumption and carbon footprints by producing safe and lightweight solutions based on clean technology.

Welltec relies heavily on welding in their production stream. One of their newest market entries, the Welltec Annular Barrier (WAB), is a steel construction that allows wells to be segmented for improved production. Their construction calls for multiple welded seams that must all endure the extreme conditions prevalent thousands of meters under the earth’s surface.

Öljy- ja kaasuteollisuus

Esbjerg, Tanska

Welding quality under control: Welltec's innovative oil and gas well solutions require top notch welding to endure harsh conditions. Kemppi's Controller software package and MasterTig MLS 3000 machines were brought in to strengthen Welltec's welding quality management at their new factory in Esbjerg.

Tärkein haaste

When the cooperation with Kemppi began in 2014, Welltec was in the process of establishing a new factory in Esbjerg. As the company had decided to move from manufacturing prototypes to producing actual sales items themselves, there was a need for monitoring the welding process to ensure the high quality of products and reduce the risk of costly defects.

Controller gives Welltec an opportunity to follow closely how the work progresses, and analyze the effect of welding in a new material under harsh conditions. On top of that, the system provides automated collection of parameters during production welding, which saves time when it comes to documenting the welding process compared with manual collection of the parameters.

Henning Kragh, Welding Manager, Welltec

Kempin ratkaisu

In order to fulfil the strict quality requirements of the welds, Kemppi provided Welltec with six MasterTig MLS 3000 machines. TIG welding process was chosen due to its suitability for the most demanding welds, particularly stainless steels. As for quality control, Welltec began the implementation of Kemppi ARC System 3 in monitoring the quality of their welding production. The Controller software package has given Welltec the means to verify the quality of each weld for the benefit of their customers' risk management.

In addition, Controller automatizes the collection of welding parameters for the necessary quality reporting of the heavily regulated oil and gas industry. In this respect, Welltec was now able to save valuable time on a task that was previously conducted manually. Being pleased with the cooperation, Welltec perceives Kemppi as a quality partner that helps to ensure the high quality standards in Welltec's production.

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