The FastMig X Family

For the best welds of your life

Industrial MIG welding solution for demanding welding production

Challenge: Ever-growing demands

Demands in welding industry are constantly growing. Around the world industrial projects are getting more and more demanding. Taller office buildings, larger stadiums, longer pipelines, bigger oil tankers are constantly being built. At the same time, quality standards are becoming more and more demanding and timetables tighter.

Quality requirements

Quality requirements in demanding industrial applications are increasing and standards are becoming more and more demanding. You must meet the requirements unquestionably.

Competition getting harder

When the game gets tough you’ll have to give your best. If you want to be on top of your game, want to be the best in what you do, you need to have the technological edge that guarantees your professional excellence.

Constantly changing customer needs

You have to be able to adapt to varying needs of your customers. You’ll have to find welding solutions flexible enough to handle wide diversity of welding applications.

Productivity demands

Your mission is to make profit by welding. You want to faster, weld more, weld faster, weld better and yet simultaneously save in costs. You need to find technological solutions that support your objectives.

Solution tweaked to meet all your needs

If you are looking for welding equipment for the most demanding needs of professional welding, look no further. Kemppi’s FastMig X is your trusted professional friend, whether you are looking for a highly specialized expert machine for any demanding task or a multi-purpose all-round set of welding tools for various welding environments. The FastMig X’s modularity and intelligent, optional features make it unquestionably the best welding solution out there.

Exceed all quality requirements

With FastMig X, you can exceed even the highest standards. Exact arc voltage display feature helps to keep the welding parameters inside the WPS requirements. Full compatibility with WeldEye welding management software guarantees effortless quality control.

Get technological edge

When the game gets tough you’ll have to give your best. If you want to be on top of your game, want to be the best in what you do, you need to have the technological edge that guarantees your professional excellence.

Be prepared

The final setup of FastMig X is always configured to meet your and your customers’ needs, what ever they are: materials from mild steel to special alloys, from thin sheets to thick plates, conditions from hot to cold, working environments from workshops to shipyards. Amazing range of welding programs, easy adjustability and upgradability allow fast response to changing needs.

Significantly improve productivity

FastMig X is engineered to improve your productivity. With FastMig X, you can speed up your welding by up to 30 %, weld even 5 times faster compared to TIG welding and save up to 50 % in labor and filler costs.

Elements of the perfect match

Whatever your high quality multi-process welding needs may be, FastMig X is the solution you're looking for. FastMig X is not one standard machine. It’s a flexible setup of high quality components, which you can always select to precisely match your welding needs.



Durable top of the line power sources, wire feeders and coolers


Special processes

Intelligent heart of every FastMig X setup


Welding programs and functions

Material curve packs and functions according to your welding needs


Special tools

Controllers and extras


Download free calculations

How much can welding equipment affect your productivity? How much more could you weld and how much money and time could you save?

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FastMig X sample setups

The final setup of FastMig X is always configured to meet your needs, what ever they are. We assembled three different sample setups to demonstrate some of the possibilities you have. Never let your equipment determine what you can or can’t do. Whatever you weld, choose FastMig X.

FastMig X Regular

FastMig X Regular

Productive welding for multi-material workshops

FastMig X Pipe

FastMig X Pipe

High quality welding for pipes

FastMig X Intelligent

FastMig X Intelligent

Intelligent welding for the diverse needs of multi-material workshops


Technical specifications