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The usability of X5 FastMig speeds up welding production

Sandvik was introduced as a pilot customer to Kemppi’s X5 FastMig, a versatile powerhouse that offers opportunities for improving welding productivity by increasing ergonomics, weld quality, and usability.

Sandvik is an engineering group in mining and rock excavation, metal-cutting and materials technology, established in 1862 and employing worldwide over 40,000 persons.

Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy Turku factory manufactures loading and transportation vehicles for the mining industry. The company employs approximately 600 persons, of which 10% is welding personnel. Sandvik’s operations are based on unique expertise in materials technology, continuous investments in research and development, extensive knowledge about industrial processes, and close customer cooperation.

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X5 FastMig works just as a good welding machine should. It has heaps of features, and its usability and ergonomics are outstanding.

Petri Anttalainen, welding foreman, Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy


During 2020, Sandvik spent several months on piloting Kemppi’s new multi-process welding machine for industrial welding, X5 FastMig. The main focus was on tasks related to MIG/MAG welding. During the piloting, Sandvik was also introduced to WiseSteel, a useful special process with outstanding steel welding performance.

The ergonomics and usability of X5 FastMig were especially acknowledged by Sandvik. In recent years, welders' work ergonomics has received a lot of attention, and it has also been one of the design principles of X5 FastMig. In addition, Flexlite GX welding guns with a long neck are a natural extension of the welder’s hand. Their reach is excellent, and the arc does not overheat the welder’s hand.

Having the possibility of hanging up wire feeders in a dual setup significantly speeds up Sandvik’s daily welding production. There is no need to change the wire spool between different welding applications, which saves time. The top-loading wire feeder has also proven to be user-friendly and easy to use.

X5 FastMig utilizes the latest ignition technology, Touch Sense Ignition. Its precise, wire-retracting ignition reduces spatter, while the WiseSteel special process does the same, tackling the challenges of globular arc range.

In addition, Sandvik appreciates the graphical user interface of the wire feeder; the main menus are available in the local language and there are no abbreviations that are difficult to interpret. For the welders, it has been both easy and comfortable to weld with X5 FastMig.

Featured solutions

Flexlite GX

Flexlite GX product series contains welding guns to be used in MIG/MAG welding proces...

Flexlite GX product series contains welding guns to be used in MIG/MAG welding processes. All Flexlite GX welding guns enjoy the Flexlite features for user comfort, welding efficiency and extended consumable parts life. The GX family includes a wide range of welding gun models designed to serve specific welding needs.


A welding function especially designed to tackle the challenges of globular transfer....

A welding function especially designed to tackle the challenges of globular transfer. WiseSteel alternates short arc transfer with spray transfer, which produces sound welds characterized by a regular fish-scale pattern.

X5 FastMig

360-degree modular multi-process welder primarily focuses on high-performance MIG/MAG...

360-degree modular multi-process welder primarily focuses on high-performance MIG/MAG welding. X5 FastMig offers setup options for manual, synergic, and pulse welding. A wide range of accessories brings flexibility and efficiency to welding production processes.

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