Students and Graduates

Are you interested in working in the technology industry?

If so, why not kickstart your career at Kemppi, the third smartest company in Finland and a globally operating pioneer of welding technology and software development. We at Kemppi know that perfect welding is based on the combination of the most modern welding management software, innovative equipment, and professional welders. Nowadays, equipment needs to be connected not only to each other, but to the Web in multiple ways. It is all about electronics, intelligence, and data.

As an innovative and development-oriented technology company we are always looking for new talent. For students and graduates, Kemppi offers many excellent opportunities such as short-term internships/practical training, summer jobs, final thesis or diploma work assignments, and entry-level jobs.

Cooperation with educational institutes, colleges, and universities

We cooperate actively with educational institutes on different levels, both in Finland and abroad. By partnering with educational institutes, we enrich our research, development, and innovation activities while enabling diverse work and training opportunities for students. Such cooperation includes offering young students opportunities to familiarize themselves with the working life and different professions at Kemppi, arranging company visits, participating in career fairs and other student events in Finland, and introducing Kemppi as an employer at different institutions. In addition, we have created several cooperation models with local educational institutions. Thus, we are strongly involved in developing a curriculum based on the real needs of working life to ensure the needed competences of the graduates.


Look for different opportunities

Thesis or diploma work

As Kemppi is continuously developing its business we have many interesting and challenging thesis opportunities for bachelor and master's degree students. The topics range from technology and engineering to business studies. When leaving an open application for a thesis opportunity, describe if you have some ideas for your thesis topic. Based on your interests and qualifications and our current projects we can decide on a suitable topic.

Internships and practical training

We offer students local, short-term internships and various practical training possibilities in our units around the world. Most internships require studies in engineering, business, or information technology, but there may be also opportunities for students from other disciplines.

Summer jobs

The majority of our summer workers are employed in production tasks at our electronics, product, and torch factories in Finland. You may also work for us in other departments, such as logistics, ICT, R&D, sales, and marketing. The summer job period usually starts in May – June and continues until the end of August

How to apply?

You can apply for a thesis or diploma work assignment, internship, or summer job through our online recruitment tool by leaving an open application.


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