Invoicing instructions for Kemppi Oy

Supplier invoicing instructions

Invoicing instructions

Please find the invoicing instructions for Kemppi Oy.

Kemppi Oy
E-invoicing address/EDI identifier: 003720518261
(Operator ID 003723609900 PAGERO)

VAT No.: 2051826-1

If e-invoicing is not possible, you may send the invoice via email: [email protected] as a pdf file.

Contact information for Kemppi Headquarters

Kemppi headquarters
P.O. BOX 13
FIN-15801 Lahti
Visiting address: Kempinkatu 1, 15810 Lahti

Telephone: +358 3 89911
E-mail address: [email protected]
E-mail addresses: firstname.surname@

Questions regarding billing: [email protected]




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